Forthampton Volume 3 Part 2 Forthampton
Volume 3 – Baptisms and Burials 1781-1812

Part 2 - Burials 1781-1812
John Son of William & Elizabeth Russell
Jany 7
Sarah Tovey Wife of Willm Tovey
March 23
Ann Player Widdow
June 1st
James Son of Thos & Sarah Loxley
Aug 24th
A Transcript deliv'd in.
Wm Parsons Curate
John Son of William & Elizabeth Russell
Jany 7
Mary Base-born Daughr of Eliz Herbert
Feb 11
Francis Skinner
Feb 11
William Tovey aged 63
Apr 14
Ann daugr of Thos Adams 5 months
Apr 13
Richd Son of Hannah Jeynes 5 months
Apr 13
Thos Neast aged 40
May 30
Sarah Wood aged 28 Daugr of John & Cloe Wall
June 12
Thos son of Willm & Mary Ellis aged 1 ½ years
Decr 11
Burials 1783
Player Benjamin
March 31
Middleton Ann Wife of Saml from Longdon
July 31
October 1st 1783
An act of Parliament took Place which laid a Duty of Three Pence on the Register of every Birth, Marriage or Burial.
+ Lewis James aged 50
Nov 7th
+ Ireland Mary Infant Daugr of Henry & Margt
Nov 16
P Summers Samuel (A Pauper)
Decr 3
P Jeynes Thos son of Hannah (A Pauper) aged 20
Decr 11
A Transcript delivd in. Wm Parsons Curate
Burials 1784
P Loxley  Sarah Wife of Thomas (A Pauper) 
January 1st
+ Ireland Mary Daugr of Edward & Sarah aged 2Years 
Jany 13th
P Bennett Hanah, Widdow (A Pauper)
May 9th
P Seymour Eleanor Wife of John (A Pauper)
June 26th
+ Attwood Thos Widdower
July 9th
P Brumwich Betty base born Daughter of Betty Bromwich
Augst 12
P Seymour Esther Daugr of John, A Pauper
Sepr 9th
+ Holbrook John Son of Thos & Mary aged 15 
Decr 15
+ Holbrook Thomas (Father of the above John) 
Decr 22
A Transcript delivered in.
Wm Parsons Curate
Burials 1785
+ Newman Mrs Elizth Widw of Richd (Gent)
Jany 23
+ Tombs Jeremiah
Jany 27
+ Ireland Mr John aged 78 
Apr 14
+ Devereux Ann Daugr of Willm of the Parish of Tewkesbury by Nancy his Wife. Daugr of John & Cloe Wall late of This Parish
June 19th
+ Price Margarett of Corks Hill
July 10
P Seymour Mary Daugr of John (A Pauper)
July 28
P Summers Elizabeth Widdw (A Pauper)
Augst 10
P Hambach John aged 69 (A Pauper)
Aug 20
+ Hartland Sarah Infant Daugr of Richd & Ann his Wife
Aug 31
P Hambach Sarah Infant Daugr of Mary (Widdow) A Pauper
Sepr 4
+ Parish John (Gardiner at Forthampton Court) aged 46 
Sep 21st
A Transcript delivered in June 19th 1786
Willm Parsons Curate
Burials 1786
+ Crees John aged 41 
Jany 9
+ Hartland John aged 45
Jany 22
P Sallis Hannah Daugr of Benjn & Dorothy aged 5 Pauper
Feby 2
P Bird Lucy Daugr of John & Mary aged 7yrs Pauper
Feb 12
+ Danford Sarah Wife of George aged 55
Feby 16
+ Crees Susanna Infant Daugr of Betty (Widdow) 
Mar 12
+ Maysey John from Longdon aged 79
Apr 6
+ Edwards John (Taylor) aged 53
+ Maysey Elizth Widw of John from Longdon aged 79
+ Berrow James Infant Son of Joseph & Mary
Octor 11
A Transcript delivered in 13 July 1787 Wm Parsons Curate
Burials 1787
+ Good  Henry aged 71
Jany 3
P Mathews Betty aged 16 a Paupr Daugr of Benj & Elizth
Aug 15
P Ellis Thos Son of Willm & Mary aged 3 years
Aug 30
A Transcript delivered in July 25 1788 Wm Parsons Curate
Burials 1788
+ Westbury Ann Wife of Charles
Mar 3
+ White Joseph Son of John & Elizth aged 3 Years
+ Summers James Son of John & Eleanor aged 3 Years
+ Tombs John (Infant Son of Wm & Alice)
June 1
+ Berrow Mary Wife of Joseph aged 45
+ Berrow Mary an Infant
Aug 13
P Wiston Betty aged 38 
+ Ireland Priscilla Daugr of Edward & Sarah an Infant 
Oct 14
P Sherring Edwd
+ Man Willm (Corks Hill)
Decr 2
P Sherring Edwd Son of the above Ed kill’d by the falling of a Bell one of which he went in to hear
Decr 28
A Transcript deliv’d in July 24 1789 Wm Parsons Minister
Burials 1789
+ Ireland Sarah Wife of Edward aged 28 
Jany 9th
+ Bromwich Ann Base Daugr of Ann aged 2 years
Mar 7th
+ Clarke Willm aged 78 kill’d in a Stone Quarry
+ Long Willm drowned by the sinking of a Boat
P Weston Thos
April 26
+ Ireland Mary Widdow of John aged 75 
May 3
+ Blotheridge Chas Son of Charles aged 4 years
Aug 16
+ Butters Hanh Wife of James from Chaceley aged 69
Oct 22
A Transcript delivered in July 9th 1790
Charles Platt. Curate
+ Court Susanna from Tewkesbury (aged 50)
Feby 14
P Seymour James son of John aged
March 21
+ Marling William base born
July 6th
P Ellis Mary
July 14th
+ Thackell Mary
July 19th
+ Harbur Ann
Sepr 16th
A Transcript delivered in July 8th 1791
Charles Platt. Curate
P George Charlotte
Febry 24th
+ Whit Sarah
March 17th
+ Wall Chloe
April 17th
May 24th
June 21st
+ Clarke Martha
August 31st
Tax Paid C.P.
+ Hayward Mr Hopewell aged 49
Decr 18th
A Transcript delivered in July 16 1792
Charles Platt. Curate
Burials 1792
P Ellis Richard
April 2d
P Matthews Benjamin
May 5th
+ George Anne
May 8th
+ Hartland Richard
Sepr 30th
Tax Paid
A Transcript delivered in August 29th 1793
Charles Platt. Curate
Seymour Joseph aged 20 drowned bathing in the Severn
Augt 2th
Stephens Olivia
Octr 21st
A Transcript delivered in July 10 1794
Charles Platt. M.A. Curate
Burials 1794
+ Howes Anne, small pox
March 20th
Hollands Rachael
April 11th
P Caudle Henry base-born son of Mary Bromwich by Henry Caudle infant died of the small-pox
April 23
P Price Lydia daugr of Rich & Jane died of the small-pox aged 2 years
April 27
Banks Elizth daughr of Ed & Diana infant died of the small-pox
May 2d
Holbrook Elizth daughter of the late Thomas & Mary from Bushley died of the small-pox
May 16th
Edwards Thos of Bristol drowned bathing in the Severn aged 21
June 23
Ireland Henry Gent  aged 45
Dec 24
Berrow Joseph  aged 52
Dec 25
Howes Anne aged 82
Dec 28
Hollands Thomas aged 80
Dec 29
A Transcript delivered in July 31 1795 C. Platt Curate
Charles Platt. M.A. Curate
Burials 1795
Jaines Elizabeth
Jany 12th
Hambage Mary
Feby 13
Hunt Judith daugr of Henry & Sarah
Feby 15
Russell William husband of Elizth
April 6th
Ireland Anne Scudder daughr of the late Henry & Margaret aged 14
May 4th
Banks Diana the wife of Edward & her infant were buried
June 28
Hartland Joseph
Sepr 2d
A Transcript delivered in July 18 1796
Charles Platt. M.A. Curate
Burials 1796
Wheel Nancy
Feb 18
Egg Mary daughr of James & Mary
May 16
Egg Eliz daughr of
May 21
Mann John
April 26
George Simon
June 7
Pensam John son of Edward & Elizth
June 14
Cowther Sarah the wife of William
June 29
Cowther Edwin infant son of the above
June 29
Pensam Charlotte daughter of Thomas & Mary killed by the acccidental discharge of a gun
July 27
A Transcript delivered in June 26 1797
Charles Platt. B.D. Curate
Burials 1797
Egg Sophia
February 19th
Mealing Mary
May 7
Price Thomas
May 15
Bull Thomas
Novr 15
A Transcript delivered in August 13 1798 C.P.
Burials 1798
Boulton James son of Wm & Ann
March 22
Hill Thomas
June 7th
Hill Paul son of Richard & Mary
June 27
Gardener Thomas aged 100
October 12
A Transcript delivered in July 29 1799 C.P.
Charles Platt. B.D. Curate
Burials 1799
Wall John, Widower of the parish of Tewkesbury aged 70. husband of the late Chloe
Janry 31st
Man Mary Widow of aged 82
March 1st
Fidler Mary aged 66
May 21st
White John aged 52
Decr 5
A Transcript delivered in July 4 1800 C.P.
Charles Platt. B.D. Curate
Burials 1800
Young Sarah of the parish of Longdon supposed to be murdered by her husband between Tewkesbury & the Upper Load & afterwards the body was cast into the Severn
March 29
Figet Jane aged 19
April 20
Butt Hannah aged 83
May 6
Owen Mary wife of John  aged 46
June 6
Sallis William aged 18
July 6
Pigeon William Infant
July 15
Platt Revd Charles B.D. Curate aged 38
August 18th
Neast Ann
August 22d
Harward Elizabeth
Febry 13
Berrow William
Wiltshire George
April 10th
Neast John aged 31
July 19
Hancock Sarah infant
Sept 20th
Danford Mary
Nov 17
A Transcript was deliverdin 29th July 1802 by Jno Broome
Burials 1802
Crees John (infant) son of Jno & Mary of Birtsmorton
March 16th
Pigeon John (infant) son of John & Margaret
April 11th
Middleton Samuel aged 82
May 30th
Price Elizabeth aged 16
Octr 4th
A transcript delivered in 26th Augt 1803 by J.B. Minister
Hayward Sarah
9th March
Sallis Dorothy the wife of Benjn aged 60
April 11
Wall Joseph of the Rudgeway in the Parish of Tewkesbury aged 38
Ap: 13th
Ellis William
May 12th
Pensam Elizabeth aged 39
May 31st
Bird Abraham aged 32
Sepr 26th
Summers William an infant
Novr 23rd
A transcript delivered in 4th June 1804 by J. Broome, Minister
Summers Sarah an infant
April 8th
Mayol Adam aged 2 yrs
Octr 14th
Lies Sarah aged 17 yrs
March 31st
Sallis James do 3
May 12th
Wiltshire Anne widow aged 53 (from Longdon)
May 16th
Bennett Thomas aged 25
June 12th
Tandy Mary
Novr 20th
Rayer John aged 79
Novr 28th
Hayward William aged 71 (from Tewkesbury)
Decr 3rd
Stollard Richard
Decr 19th
Burials in 1806
Evans Esther aged
Feby 10th
Beauchamp William Henry Esqre, aged 37
May 15th
Adams Thomas aged 62
Augt 5th
Hunt Joseph  an infant
Oct 19th
Hughes William, aged 23, a deserter from the 43rd Regt of Foot drowned near the Load in escaping his pursuers
Decr 16th
Transcript delivered 8th June 1807 by John Broome, Minister
Burials 1807
Neast Betty,  aged 94
March 13th
Procter (aged 2 years) from Tewkesbury
April 10th
Bird Isaac (aged ...) from Tewkesbury
May 11th
Boulton Henry aged 2 years
Sepr 12th
Wilkes Thomas aged ..... from Chaceley
Octr 5th
Transcript delivered Augt 31st 1808 by J. Broome, Minister
Burials 1808
Jeynes William, aged 84
Feby 29th
Loxley Thomas, aged 70
March 13th
Howbrook John, an infant
March 18th
Clarke James, aged 18 from Birtsmorton
April 3rd
Weston Mary, aged 84
April 9th
Seymour Charles, aged 15
July 29th
Yorke Hoñrable James Lord Bishop of Ely, aged 76
Sepr 3rd
A Transcript delivered in 10th Augt 1809 by J. Broome, Minister
Burials 1809
Hill Sarah (aged .....)
April 14th
Sallis Benjamin (aged .....)
May 19th
Yorke James Somers (aged 6 years) son of Joseph and Catherine
June 17th
Spicer Jane, Widow, (aged 65)
July 1st
Sherring Mary, Widow, (aged .....)
Decr 10th
Rayer Thomas (aged 29)
Decr 11th
Hayward William from Tewkesbury, aged 24
Decr 19th
Burials 1810
Barnard Joseph, aged
January 11th
Summers Betty, aged 22 years
Feby 11th
Pigeon Mary (5 years)
April 15th
Stephens Susannah, aged 70
May 27th
Matthews Susannah, aged 33
August 28th
A Transcript delivered in 11th July 1811 by John Broome, Minister
Burials in 1811
Bird Jacob, aged 34 years
Feby 12th
Matthews Richard, aged 22 years
Feby 15th
Redding Elizabeth, aged 30 years
12th July
Bartlett Thomas died at 80 years of age CW
2nd Sepr
A Transcript delivered 16th June 1812 by J. Broome
Burials in 1812
Parsons William, an infant
4th March
Morris Edward (aged 75)
9 April
Wood Richard (aged 10 years)
8 May
Russell Hannah, aged 7 years
5 Augt
Bartlett Thomas, an infant
11th Augt
Howbrook Thomas, an infant
25th Augt
Tarron Sarah, aged 3 years
8 Octr
Abell Anne, aged 4 years (burnt)
11 Decr

Baptisms 1781-1812

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