Wrench Family from Lincolnshire England

Wrench Family
from Lincolnshire England




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My database is named in honor of my grandfather, Alfred Henry Wrench, who came to the United States in May of 1910 with his parents Henry & Amelia Clift, along with his sister and brother, Amelia and Wilfred.

  1st Generation
William Rench m Elizabeth Wright

Marriages into this Wrench Line by generation:

  2nd Generation
Mary Blackbourn m Luke Rinch
Ann Challens m Richard Rinch
Mary Lill m Jonathon (John) Rinch
  3rd Generation
Mary Cottam m Benjamin Rinch
Sarah L Pickworth m Richard Rinch
Daniel Singleton m Hannah Rinch
William Ashling m Esther Rinch
Francis Leins (Loins) m Millicent Rinch
Richard Pickworth m Elizabeth Rinch
  4th Generation
Mary Cooke m John Wrench
Jane Shaw m Henry W Wrench
  5th Generation
John Smith m Isabella Wrench
Amelia Clift m Henry Wrench
Richard Darcey m Margaret Wrench
  6th Generation
Isabelle Genevieve Sauve m Alfred Henry Wrench
Lee Henry Abegg m Amelia Wrench
Caroline Emily Van Haecke m Frank Wrench
Virginia Sink m Wilfred Burgess Wrench
  7th Generation
Sally Elizabeth Russell m Wallace James Wrench
Roy Healy m Carol Ann Wrench











Published by Thomas R Wrench
Kalamazoo Michigan