Haplogroup K New Subgroups

Members Subgrouping was added to the mtDNA Haplogroup K Project website on June 2, 2008. See here for descriptions of those Subgroups. I have now added several new Subgroups. Some are based on new K subclades added by the PhyloTree as of Build 11. Others additions are large branches clearly identified from HVR results; these may eventually be subclades. New subclades need to be adopted by FTDNA before your designation will change. Each old and new Subgroup has its own Google map. In the descriptions below, the new Subgroups of course require the defining mutations for their higher subclades or branches.

From PhyloTree:

K1a12: Defined by coding-region mutation 5460A, so this Subgroup cannot be predicted from HVR results.

K1a13: Defined by 146C, 195C, 1709A and 9546G. As of now, I have not moved those with just the two HVR mutations into the Subgroup. So all members have FGS results.

K1d: All members have 16362C, 195C, one or more insertions at position 573, 4856C, 5592G and 8901G. Easily predicted from HVR1 + HVR2 results.

K2a5: Defined by 324T in HVR2.

K2a6: Defined by 14305A in the coding-region, so cannot be predicted from HVR results.

K2b1: Defined by 16270T in HVR1.

K2b1a: Defined by 16222T in HVR1.

From large branches with defining HVR mutations:

K1a4a1 + 16245T: Defined by 16245T in HVR1.

K2a + 16182C, 16183C and 16189C: All have those three HVR1 mutations; most have 207A in HVR2.

Please let me know if you have received a subclade assignment from 23andMe that would put you into a deeper Subgroup, or if you have any questions.


Bill Hurst

Administrator, mtDNA Haplogroup K Project