Official Wright Family Reunion Web Site 2008 Minutes

Minutes of the 84th Wright Family Reunion

Columbus, WI Firemanís Park
Sunday, July 13, 2008

A beautiful breezy reunion Sunday began with Kringle and coffee.
Woody Wright, president, called us together with prayer and we feasted.
Pictures were taken with laughs and good cheer.

Family Reunion business meeting began at 1 PM.
       We noted the death of Merlin Sutton (93).
       The youngest attending member was Sam Bubenzer (13).
       The "wisest" title went to Marjorie Nitschke (93), reluctantly given up by Rita Stofflet!!
       Woody and Nancy Wright are acknowledged as the furthest travelers.
       Letters and emails are on file. Address changes noted.
       Treasurer reported expenses of $163.72 and Woody suggested at least $10 per family - with contributions accepted. $174.00 was collected and we have a balance for 2009 of $244.62.

Attendance this year was 22 persons including:
       Judy (Atwood) Stubbe, Judy Bishop (Froehlich), Frank A. Laycock, Jim and Jeanette Wright, Marge Nitschke, Katy and Harland Sutton, John Stofflet, Phil Atwood, Roxanne Otto, Nathan, Sam and Mary (Laycock) Bubenzer, Rita Stofflet, Bonnie (Stofflet) Anderson, Wes and Gloria Karow, Woody and Nancy Wright, Frank and KC (Atwood) Laycock.

The election of Clan Officers:
       Woody Wright, president
       KC Laycock, secretary/treasurer
       Frank A. Laycock, webmaster and technical support.

The 85th Wright Reunion will be July 12, 2009 at Columbus Firemanís Park - thanks to Judy Bishop for the reservation.

Email and Postal address changes should be sent to

Postcard invitations/reminders will be sent.

Respectfully submitted,

KC Laycock, secretary/treasurer
       5667 N. Moraine Hills Drive
       West Bend, WI 53095
       (262) 334-4932

84th reunion Group Shot

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