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Welcome to Wrightsborough!  Thanks for stopping by.  Please take your time and look around. Read what this site is all about. We hope you find something helpful to you. Enjoy your visit and come back often.  I welcome your comments,  suggestions, and corrections, as well as your submissions for this site. Please use Quick Email Form below.


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Lookups?  I now have a copy of the book
Quaker Records in Georgia by Robert Scott Davis, Jr.  
I am willing to do FREE lookups for you in this book.
Please email me for details.


A few years back, there were some articles about the Quakers and Wrightsborough printed in The Southern Friend and written by George H. Cox, Jr.   We have now received permission to post those journal articles on this website. To read, click on the title.

Part I:  Living With The Indians

Part II:  The Ravages of War

Part III:  The Taint of Slavery


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There has been some interest about possibly having a Wrightsborough Georgia homecoming in the year 2005.  That would be 200 years since the Quakers left Georgia (1805).  If you are interested in this event, please let me know.  You may use the Quick Email Form below.


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