Dr.s' Appts.

THE Gossett Twins












12 wks:  3/21/05 26 wks:  6/27/05
14 wks:  4/4/05 28 wks:  7/11/05
16 wks:  4/18/05 30 wks:  7/25/05
18 wks:  5/2/05 32 wks:  8/8/05
20 wks:  5/16/05 34 wks:  8/22/05
22 wks:  5/30/05 36 wks:  9/5/05
24 wks:  6/13/05 38 wks:  9/19/05


NEXT ULTRASOUND (the 3D one!!): 


7/5/2005:  (27 wks, 2 days)  I had a six pound weight gain since the last appointment 2 weeks ago.  I know I didn't overeat, and the doctor said by looking at my belly that it had to be mostly baby.  So, they should be well over the 2lb. mark by now.  The babies are still laying transverse, with their heads on my right side and the toes over on the left.  He's laying up top, and she's down at the bottom.  The appointment was pretty uneventful, just making sure they were both still beating in there.  Tatum again asked "Who will be born first?" and the doctor said that at this point it still looks like Baby Girl will come first, but that after they get turned head down and jockey for their final spot, he'll be able to tell her for sure.  I'll go back in 3 weeks for the 3D ultrasound and "internal" measurements so that he can start to keep an eye on how things are progressing towards the "release date."  I will probably start going to weekly appointments at that point.  Bo and I are set up for an all day Childbirth Prep class on Saturday, August 6th.


6/20/2005:  (25 wks, 1 day)  Fourth Ultrasound and 6th Dr.'s Appt..  Baby Boy weighs 1lb., 12oz. and Baby Girl weighs 1lb., 14oz.  The doctor was very pleased with all of our weights.  He said the babies are both still slightly ahead weight-wise for their 25 weeks gestation, and bigger than a singleton baby would be at this point.  Again, I didn't get their heart rates noted, but they both had one, so that's what counts.  Both babies are (were) laying transverse (across my belly) with their heads on my right side and their feet on my left.  They can still move quite a bit and completely change position, but he said in a few more weeks, that will stop and they should be in position for their birth order.  Baby Girl is still in position to be first, but the doctor told Tatum he'd be able to tell her with much more certainty in a few weeks.  The ultrasound was pretty uneventful, and the pictures aren't the greatest, but at least everybody besides me knows they're still in there.  The doctor said that the national average for delivery of twins is 32-33 weeks.  His patients' average is 35 weeks.  We're all registered at the hospital, so we'll just head up to their second floor when the time comes.


5/23/2005:  (21wks, 1 day)  Third Ultrasound and 5th Dr.'s Appt..  Baby Boy weighs 14 oz. and Baby Girl weighs 15 oz..  Saw no thumb sucking this time by either one.  The ultrasound technician started with two heads at the top of my belly and four feet at the bottom.  Over the course of the 30+ minute ultrasound, Baby Girl turned a full 360 and Baby Boy ended up upside down from where he started.  They were asleep when the technician started, but all the scanning and pushing from the outside wakes them up, and then they get active.  Asleep, Baby Girls heart rate measured at just 148 beat per minute, which is low for her.  Just after she was done measuring all of Baby Girl's organs and bones and had moved on to Baby Boy, she had disturbed them enough that she had to keep chasing him down for measurements.  She remarked that he was going to be the more active one, but it didn't take long before they were both sideways (transverse) with head and feet on opposite ends of each other, pushing and shoving the whole time.  All in all, everything looks great.  They are right on track for being at 21 weeks, and the doctor said they are actually weighing even a little bigger than 21 wks, 1 day.  I told him my personal goal is to keep them 38 weeks; he said that would be great, but he'd be very happy with 35 weeks.  That could put a possible delivery as early as August 29th.


5/10/2005:  (19wks, 1 day)  4th Dr.'s Appt..  Heart rates with Doppler 148 & 162 beats per minute


4/28/05:  (17wks, 4 days)  Second Ultrasound revealed a boy and a girl.  Each weighed 4/10ths of a pound.  His heart rate on scan:  Her heart rate on scan:  Lots of activity.  Lots of thumb sucking.


4/14/2005:  (15wks, 4 days)  3rd Dr's Appt.  Heart rates with Doppler:  160 & 167 beats per minute.


3/21/2005:  (12wks, 1 day)  Ultrasound led to discovery of twins - wish we'd have had a videotape.  Couldn't tell for sure whether fraternal or identical.  Heart rates on scan:  150 & 171 beats per minute.