Alexander SMITH\Mary VAN DER LINDE (MRIN:953)
Alexander SMITH (RIN: 2093) was born 1880 in Michigan (USA). He married Mary VAN DER LINDE . He died in New Jersey (USA). Mary VAN DER LINDE (RIN: 2092), daughter of Cornelis VAN DER LINDE and Klaasje VAN DAM , was born 1880 in Paterson (New Jersey, USA). She died in Paterson (New Jersey, USA).

Children of Alexander SMITH and Mary VAN DER LINDE are:

1. Carrie SMITH (RIN: 2094)
2. Corrine SMITH (RIN: 2095)
3. Richard SMITH (RIN: 2096)
4. Jennie SMITH (RIN: 2097), b. 1914 See Frederick KLINKER & Jennie SMITH

Notes for Alexander SMITH:

Name: Alexander Smith  
Born: 1880 Michigan (USA) 
Died: New Jersey (USA) 

Notes for Mary VAN DER LINDE:

Name: Mary van der Linde  
Born: 1880 Paterson (New Jersey, USA) 
Died: Paterson (New Jersey, USA) 

Deze familie emigreerde in 1879 van Ouddorp naar USA

Notes for Carrie SMITH:

Name: Carrie Smith  

Notes for Corrine SMITH:

Name: Corrine Smith  

Notes for Richard SMITH:

Name: Richard Smith