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Welcome! and thank you for visiting my HARGER family pages. If you're a HARGER doing family research, then you know that there are many factions. I refer to some main groups as Arizona Hargers, Pennsylvania Hargers, or California Hargers. My family pronounces HARGER like cHarger. Whereas other HARGER groups pronounce it Har-ger with the ger as like the ger in gerber.

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I refer to my family as West Virginia HARGERs. Click on the History nav-bar to find out why.

As an introduction, I will explain my flag display on this page. I was born in Ohio; my father moved us to Florida where I graduated high school & where my son was born. Later in life, I lived in Texas for 12 years & my two daughters were born in Texas; I now live in West Virginia were my parents & grandparents got married, and where my Dad was born; My HARGER line lived in Pennsylvania prior to 1900, and my Mother and all her family are from Pennsylvania. My family research indicates that HARGERs will be primarily of German or English descent. My HARGER line is so far believed to be of German descent and of German immigrants.

Notice the navigation bars on this site. When signing up for free pages at RootsWeb, lots of space is made available. The navigation bars are named after the 11 web folders that came with the RootsWeb free pages. See the text links below. I will be working on this site as an ongoing hobby. With so much web space, I may expand to include other HARGER lines. Some fragmented lines may eventually tie together. I will also like to list other HARGER websites.

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