Our Visual Genealogy
Our Visual Genealogy
                   David and I welcome you to Our Visual Genealogy Home Page:)

The purpose  of this website  is to add a little dimension into what seems, at times, an endless list of names, dates and places. There will be pictures of cemeteries, headstones, people, documentation when I can find it  and anything else I think may be of interest.

This website will forever be "under construction". We plan to have original poetry, art work and various other items that might otherwise be over looked in the endless search for facts and dates.

Part of what inspired this is what I call my "Treasure Box". This box of letters, postcards, graduation annoucements, wedding annoucements and photos had been buried in my Mother's closet for almost thirty years. Before that it spent some forty odd years tucked away in a corner of my Grandmother's attic. In going through this box I read through some old letters, some of which touched me very deeply. The authors wrote of their family members, the comings and goings in their daily life, children moving away, homesickness and the loss of loved ones, just like us today. After all, if it weren't for them, who would we be today?

Hopefully adding the visual will remind all of us that the facts and dates that we constantly search for were once connected to real people who lived, loved and mourned just as we do.

Contributions are wanted and welcome as our purpose is to share what we learn, as cost free as possible,  with others and help as much as we can so that others can benefit as well. So the more the merrier :).

Surnames we are searching for: Adams, Allen, Augustus, Baughman, Bledsoe, Bollinger, Bottom/s, Bower/s, Campbell, Carpenter (Zimmerman), Cocanougher (there are many spellings of this surname), Combs, Cottingen, Coyl/e, Craig, Dick, Dickerson, Ferrill, Gardner, Gideon, Godby/Godbey, Harding, Hatchett, Hilton, Isom/Ison, Jones, Lawson, Levin, McQuillan, Middleton, Miller, Park, Powell, Reynolds, Rigney, Robinson, Russell, Savitz, Schwartz, Sibert, Silvertooth, Stroud, Trisler, Underwood, Voron, Watkins, Weaver, West, Wilmot, Wylie, Young (Jung), with hopefully, many more to come. :)
Walking down this road,
I have this  feeling...
That I've walked this road  before...
Another place...
Another time...

As others,
Who will walk this road no more...
Two hundred & thirty years ago,
I walked this road,
Which was not a road,
To claim this land,
And build my family's home.

Two hundred years ago,
I walked this road,
This road to my home,
To fight a war,
That would give me the right,
To walk this road in peace.
One hundred and fifty years ago,
I walked this road,
To clear the land,
Which fed our family
And helped our children grow.

One hundred years ago,
I walked this road,
With each of my children,
As they made their  way,
And built new roads,
So their children, in turn,
Could build roads of their own.

Fifty years ago,
I walked this road,
A sorrow filled road,
To bury my children,
As one by one,
The Lord called them home.
The  Road
I walk this road,
And I am not alone,
Because of the children,
Who built their roads.

Young and old,
We are together, forever...
As we walk this road.
John Franklin (Frank) Rigney
              Oct. 10, 1842
              July 21, 1922
    William Henry Rigney
           Aug. 12, 1876
           May 13, 1963

Mariah Underwood Rigney
           Nov. 21, 1873
            Jan. 3, 1947

     Archie Joe Rigney, Jr.
             Jan. 7, 1927
           Oct. 29, 1998
The Old Rigney Home
Moreland, Lincoln County, KY
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                   Written By
        RenaMarie Rigney - Voron

         In honor of my ancestors
          ~ May I  never forget ~

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Old Russell Cemetery
Boyle County, Kentucky
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