The Evening Star, Correct List of Passengers, Officers and Crew.
The Evening Star,
Correct List of Passengers,
Officers and Crew.


Correct List of Passengers, Officers and Crew.

Mrs. R. F. SpangenbergMrs. John J. Adams and
    and servant, Eugenie.     daughter.
Gen. H. C. Palfrey, lady,Mrs. Gillespie and daugh-
    child and servant.     ter.
Miss Palfrey.Mr. A. Goette and wife.
Miss Sloo.Mr. George Hillman, son
Mrs. Henry Newell and     and daughter.
    daughter.Capt. Wm. Chipman.
Mr. James Gallier andLieut. W. P. Dixon, U.
    wife.     S. A.
Mr. John Fouro.Miss Lizzie Ellis.
Mr. E. A. Van Sickle.Mr. Wm. Brown, wife and
Mr. Frank R. Dennis.     child.
Mrs. W. H. Robbins.Mr. E. S. P. Thompson.
Jas. W. Lyons, N. O. pilot.Miss Hattie McGuire.
Mr. W. H. Harris.Mrs. Mary L. Ainsworth.
Mrs. M. A. Seery.Miss Hattie Price.
Miss Isabella Goodwin.Miss Annie Graves, of
Miss Anzie Parker.     Switzerland, Ind.
Miss Levina Leech.Mr. L. E. Allen.
Miss Mary Bates, or MaryMr. C. C. Ackerman.
    Quigly.Mr. Malcrow Chace.
Miss Mary E. White.Mr. William R. Jaques.
Miss Gertrude Harvey.Miss Lillie Parker.
Miss Alice Stetton, orMiss Minnie Taylor.
    Louisa Lamont.Miss S. Gillan, of N. Haven.
Mrs. Susan Webber, ofMiss Mary Bance.
    New-York.Miss Nellie Wilson.
Miss Rosa Barnes.Mr. Joseph P. Robinson.
Miss May Hudson.Mr. James Harkness, Jr.
Miss Alice Curtis, of Hart-Mrs. M. J. Kingsbury and
    ford.     servant Maggie.
Miss Jennie Stanton.Miss Carrie Leonard, of
Mr. D. B. Small.     Oswego, N. Y.
Mr. Eugene Sorazan.Miss Annie Wood.
Mrs. S. F. Gordan.Miss Nellie James.
Mr. H. J. Poglase.Mr. Alex. Sanglois.
Miss Lizzie Brown, of Ro-Mr. J. E. Smith.
    chester, N. Y.Mrs. Stowell.
Miss Cora Brown, of Liv-Mrs. Josephine Tomas.
    ingston County, N. Y.Mrs. Stein or Steinberg.
Miss Bella Crawford.Mr. Henry H. Register.
Miss Annie Reynolds.Mr. Martin T. Hall.
Mr. George Fisher.Mr. I. Hapner.
Mrs. J. T. Mason.Mr. James McGuire.

    The following were members of Spalding & Bidwell's Troupe, going out for the Academy of Music, New-Orleans:

Miss Milla Fowler.Mr. E. Tabeen and wife.
Miss Clara Fowler.Mr. Wm. A. Wray and wife.
Miss Louisa Fowler.Mr. J. Taleen and wife.
Mrs. Koch.Mr. Edward Barry.
Mrs. Simpson.Mr. Edward Murray.
Miss Emma Powers, ofMr. Nicolo and son.
    Philadelphia.Mr. Frank Girard.
Miss Julia Carlisle, or An-Mr. Thomas Russell.
    nie Cary.Mr. William M. Dawson.

    The following were the members of PAUL ALHAIZA's opera troupe:

Mr. Charles Alhaiza andMme. Forney.
    lady.Mme. Durand.
Mr. Chenest and lady.Mme. Dumery.
Mr. Tapian and lady.Mme. Ster.
Miss Tapian.Mme. Marie.
Mr. Destorbuy and lady.Mme. Campana.
Miss Destorbuy.Mme. Desorines.
Mme. Ecodie Girard.Mme. Borel.
Mme. Celine Cayot.Mme. Strauss.
Mr. Coppini and lady.Mr. Severac.
Mr. Caillant and lady.Mr. Coegnard.
Mme. Clotairo.Mr. Robert.
Mme. Renouf.Mr. Mera.
Mme. Read.Mr. Vila and lady.
Mme. Benedetti.Mme. Caillant.
Mme. Laquement.Mme. De Montpierre.
Mme. Ferne.Mr. Heurtan.
Mme. Bonne Campana.Mr. Perchel.
Mr. Muedbled.Mr. Morenschelager.
Mr. Fisher.Mr. Laquement.
Mr. Denory.Mr. Strauss.
Mr. Parizod.Mr. Bouffe.
Mr. Bavan.Mr. Ferne.
Mr. Dalman.First violoncello.
Mr. Dasero.First trombone.
Alto singer.Second trombone.

Miss Theresa Ulrich.Mr. James Quin.
Mr. P. J. Brady and wife.Mr. Alfred Langlois.
Mr. Leopold Shroein.Mr. Henry Ninag.
Mrs. M. Doyle.Mr. Paul Julien.
Mr. John Reed.Miss Maria Julien.
Mr. Louis Hackenjos.Mr. Edward O'Brien.
Mrs. Helena Ronerer.Mr. Thomas Haley.
Mr. John Geiser, wife andMr. Frank Lazker.
    child.Mr. Charles Puckduchal
Mr. John Stuft.     and daughter.
Miss Caroline Glauner.Mr. Joseph Ulrich.
Miss Barbara Fortzer.Mrs. D. Johnson.
Mr. Frederick Schafer.Mr. D. Johnson.
Miss Ellen Heivs.Mr. Peter Rasmesser.
Mrs. Murphey.Mr. Edward Fleming.
Miss Catherine Magen.Mr. A. Crampton.
Miss Catherine Gallagher.Mr. Edward Martin.
Miss Mary Farley.Mr. William Horlay.
Mr. Berthiot.Three engineers for Mo-
Mr. Alexander Souza.     bile.
Mr. Stampler, or Stamler.A male cook for a hotel in
A servant-girl for Mr. Sta-     Mobile.
    pleton, of New-Orleans.Two firemen as passeng'rs.
A servant-girl for the St.John McDonald.
    Charles hotel.John Murray.
John Robinson.Fred. Larner.

    The following is a correct list of the


    William Knapp, master.
    David Burr, first mate.
    William Goldie, second mate.
    Thomas Fitzpatrick, boatswain.
    E. S. Allen, purser.
    Seamen--Frank Gill, Charles Spencer, John Powers, James Howe, James Hogan, Frank George, Thomas Higgins, John Campbell, George Smith, John Dempsey. Patrick Sutherwood, mess boy.
    Robert Finger, chief engineer.
    Lansing Finger, first assistant engineer.
    Adrew McMahon, second assistant engineer.
    Water tenders--John Lang, John H. Cole, James P. Russell.
    Firemen--Samuel Duffy, Frank Merchaum, William Lampsey, William Rodgers, Patrick Garcy, John Cavanagh.
    Coal Passers--Gustaff Axlome, Frederick Shaffer, John Schiffler, William Newman, Frank Andersock, Thomas Ryan, Frank Miller, Henry Heron.
    George Lawler, messman.
    David Bailey, steward.
    Patrick Lee, second steward.
    Mary Hazzle, stewardess.
    John Wynkoop, cook.
    John Berry, second cook.
    William Roberts, third cook.
    James Fitzpatrick, pastry cook.
    Wm. Jones, pantryman.
    Wm. Driscoll, second pantryman.
    Simon Fanning, porter.
    Aug. Giezelherst, storekeeper.
    Martin Brett, butcher.
    Mathew Graham, officer's messman.
    Waiters--Dennis Gannow, Wm. Lawson, Edward Potter, Edward Tevelin, John Haywood, Dennis Graham, Francis Cox, Ronald Stevens.
    Chauncey Mason, steerage waiter.


Officers and crew.   59
Passengers--First cabin166
Passengers--Steerage   53


Unknown, "The Evening Star, Correct List of Passengers, Officers and Crew," New York Times, New York, Wednesday, 17 October, 1866, Page 5.

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