Wynkoop Family Anecdotes.
Wynkoop Family Anecdotes.

    Here you will find stories, sketches, and yes, even anecdotes regarding Wynkoop family members which were too short or too lacking in detail to be included under the heading of "Chronicles". Nevertheless, I thought these were important enough to be captured for posterity in some form, so you'll find them here. Even the smallest story can shed light on the murky past, and it is hoped that these too will light the way for someone.

    If you have any anecdotes or small stories, or know of any, regarding Wynkoop family members that you feel should be included here, please drop me a line at [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you!

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Early Military Companies of Catskill.
    William Wynkoop shoots a man for pork stealing.

Old Catskill.
    Evert Wynkoop and his son William Wynkoop disapprove of changes to the church at Catskill.

The Witches of Hurley, New York.
    Betsey Conway and the Wynkoops of Hurley.

The Burning of Kingston, New York.
    Anna Gansevoort's practical approach to adversity.

A Precocious Youth.
     From the New York Times, Monday, 11 August 1867, p. 5.

About Brooklyn People.
     From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sunday, 1 July 1877, p. 2.

Whisky in Greene County, Iowa.
    James Anderson Wynkoop and a friend play a prank on a Jefferson merchant.

Dividing the Hide.
    James Anderson Wynkoop and friends do some hunting.

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