Call For Papers, Stories and Original Research
Call For Papers, Stories
and Original Research.

Call For Papers

    This is a research library. And like most research libraries this one will wither and die without new and interesting research papers being added to it on a continuing basis.

    Part of the goal here is to provide a place where the Wynkoop family researcher can come and read some of the things that have been written in the past about the Wynkoops and their kin, but the other part is to develop new answers to some age-old family questions. For example, where did Cornelis Evertsz. Wijnkoop come from in the first place? You'll find the start of the answer to that question in the section called Wynkoop Chronicles.

    Another question, and one often overlooked in this male-descendants-only oriented hobby of ours; who was Maria Van Langedyck's family and where did they come from? The American branch of the family is half Van Langedyck you know. You'll find the start of the answer to that question in the section devoted to The Van Langedyck Family. These are examples of original research, not the only ones I might add. Koen Wijnkoop, in Luxembourg, has been doing some terrific work on Pieter Pieterse. Wijncoop and posting some of the results of his research on his homepage. Gert van Winkoop over in Putten has been steadily researching his family roots. He lives in the same area that Cornelius came from back in 1651. You'll find the results of his considerable research on his website. A lot of it is in English, but you better brush up on your Dutch if you want to read some of the articles in his archives.

    Not everyone has the time to do this kind of research. Few of us do in fact, but a great many of us have access to unpublished family bible records, photographs, letters, diaries, written family "traditions" and even oral "traditions" that the rest of us know nothing about. Some of us may have newspaper clippings squirreled away which detail some family event or local legend involving the Wynkoop family and their descendants. You may have found a magazine article regarding the Wynkoops that I don't have listed in the Bibliography. Perhaps your family was mentioned in a local County history that was published at the end of the 19th century and only you know about it. Did your great-aunt Hattie donate all her family papers to the local genealogical or historical society? Do you have copies of old marriage certificates, birth certificates or baptismal records from the time before the local government made keeping copies of such things mandatory? Do you have copies of your great-great-grandfather's military discharge papers or copies of his pension files?

    The list of these kinds of records is almost endless. We think we live in an age of red-tape, where everything we do has to be documented. Judging from the material I've found on Cornelius Wynkoop this has been going on for hundreds of years. I've found more paperwork on him than I have on my father's brother who passed away in 1965.

    Each of these records tells a story. Perhaps you'd like to share them with us. There must be hundreds of Wynkoop stories out there that none of us has heard before. The rest of us, sitting around the family campfire here would love to hear them.

    Perhaps you think you can't do the story justice. I can help you with that. E-mail me and together we'll smooth out the rough spots and make better sense of your story. Then we'll post it here in the Library for everyone to enjoy. There's nothing you can't do once you put your mind to it. The hardest part is taking that first step. The rest will take care of itself.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you. Together we can make this place so much more than just a list of names, dates and places. With your help we can resuscitate the past. Our ancestors were living, breathing individuals with their own quirks and personalities. Let's give them a little CPR and see if they respond. You'll be glad you did.

    You can reach me at [email protected]. Knowledge is strength and you can help keep our family strong with your contributions.

    Welcome to the Research Library.


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