The Wynkoop Chronicles.
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The Wynkoop Chronicles.

"He who has no fools, knaves, or beggars in his family .....
was begot by a flash of lightning."
... Old English Proverb.

    Have you ever wondered what our early ancestors were like, what kinds of things they dreamed about, how they faced emergencies and hardships? Have you ever shivered at the thought of leaving the old country and crossing a stormy, pirate infested ocean in early spring to make a new home in the howling wilderness?

    If you have, this is where you will find their stories. In the months to come I'll be publishing here as many unique and interesting Wynkoop stories as I can find. The authors are various. Some of these stories have been published elsewhere in little known publications, and others will have been written especially for this page.

    Some of these stories will be small polished gems, while others may just be bare-bones timelines with links to the published material that back up the asserted facts. The stories will vary as much as the authors themselves. Which is where you, gentle reader, come in.

    If you have a family story that you think needs telling, or know of one that I seem to be unaware of, (and believe me there's a lot of them out there), please contact me at [email protected]. If the story is interesting or unique enough I'd love to publish it here. The Wynkoops are a large family and each family has a story to tell. Let's share them.

The Early Years:
The Pieter Pietersz. Wijncoop Timeline.
     Pieter Wijncoop's life through known dates and existing documentation.

The Cornelis Evertsz. Wijnkoop Timeline.
     Cornelius Wijnkoop's life through known dates and existing documentation.

Gysbert Philipsen Van Velthuysen.
     Cornelis Wynkoop's nephew or cousin.

Revolutionary War Days:
Judge Henry Wynkoop, (1737-1816).
     Of Bucks County, PA.

Colonel Cornelius D. Wynkoop.
     His life and death.

Commodore Jacobus Wynkoop.
     Commodore of Lake Champlain during the American Revolution.

Evert Wynkoop Swart is Chosen Officer for a Company of Militia in Rombout Precinct.
     February 26th, 1776. He is nominated as Captain.

Major Andrew Wynkoop of Ulster County.
     October 1776.

Kingston, New York Families - Wynkoop Relatives.
     The Wynkoop and DePuy families of Kingston.

The 12,000 Martyr Patriots of the Wallabout Prison Ships!
     From the Brooklyn Eagle and Kings County Democrat, Monday, 15 November 1847, p. 2.

The Mexican War and Its Aftermath:
Pvt. James Wynkoop of Zanesville, Ohio.
     A letter home describing the fighting at Monterey.

Col. Francis Murray Wynkoop.
     Ned Wynkoop's oldest brother.

The Civil War:
Brigadier General George Campbell Wynkoop.
     Brigadier General and descendant of Judge Henry Wynkoop of Bucks County.

Lieutenant Nicholas E. Wynkoop.
     A Biographical Sketch.

Col. John Estill Wynkoop.
     Ned Wynkoop's 2nd oldest brother.

Lieut. Col. George Wynkoop.
     Ned Wynkoop's next older brother.

Col. Edward Wanshaer Wynkoop.
     The "Tall Chief" of the Cheyenne and great-grandson of Judge Henry Wynkoop of Bucks County, PA.

The Heroism of a Pottsville Lady.
     From the Village Record, Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Friday, 19 June, 1863.

Major Henry Wynkoop Raguet, Jr.
     A descendant of Judge Henry Wynkoop of Bucks County, Pa., and Ned Wynkoop's second cousin.

Surgeon Horace Raguet Wirtz.
     Civil War Surgeon and descendant of Judge Henry Wynkoop of Bucks County.

Report of Brig. Gen. Willis A. Gorman, U. S. Army.
     Commends to your favorable consideration Captain Hebard, my assistant adjutant-general; Lieutenant Raguet, aide-de-camp, et. al.

Report of Col. Alfred Sully, First Minnesota Infantry, Commanding First Brigade.
     Thanks are due to my staff, including Lieutenant Raguet, et. al., for the service rendered me in time of action.

Report of Brig. Gen. Napoleon J. T. Dana, U. S. Army of the Battle of Antietam.
     Thanks are due to Lieut. G. C. Raguet, First Minnesota Volunteers, for services performed during the heat of the engagement.

Captain William Wynkoop of the First New Jersey.
     Incidents in the life of the Civil War soldier.

Sergeant Guy Wynkoop.
     Civil War Correspondence.

Additional Lists of Wounded Soldiers.
     J. S. Wynkoop is among those wounded at the fighting at Palmer's Creek, Va. on May 16, 1864.

Joseph Thomas Wynkoop.
     From Confederate Veteran Magazine, May, 1919: Page 269.

Col. James Deshler's Report on the Engagement at Arkansas Post and the Death of Asst. Surgeon Nathan H. Wynkoop.
     From January 9th through the 11th, 1863.

Alfred Wynkoop, M.D.
     Civil War Surgeon for the Union.

The Indian Wars:
The Road to Sand Creek.
     Newspaper reports and letters regarding the events leading up to and following the massacre.

Battle of the Washita: Prelude and Aftermath.
     Newspaper reports and letters regarding the events leading up to and following the massacre.

Three Days With The Veldt Hunters.
     From the Atlanta Constitution, Sunday, 19 April, 1896.

Miscellaneous Material:
The Sloop Martin Wynkoop.
     The original Ghost story and her ultimate fate.

The Many Faces Saint-Memin Saved.
     Including Dyer Sharpe Wynkoop, from the Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Friday, 2 December, 1994.

William Conklin Wynkoop and the Boulder County News.
     From the Boulder County Directory: Issued September, 1896.

The Multimillionaires of Chicago, Ill. Richard W. Sears.
     Old Man Wynkoop of Rush City, Minnesota showed him how other men's abilities and loyalty to his business could make him a millionaire, from the Chicago Tribune, Sunday, 16 June, 1907.

The Murder of "Stuttering Jack."
     From 1878--An infamous murder case with overtones of bodysnatching and grave-robbing.

The Wynkoop-Zell Poisoning Case.
     From 1879--Did they poison Mrs. Mary Kiehl of Carlisle, Pa., for her property?

The Wynekoop Murder Case.
     The murder case that rocked Chicago and the rest of the nation in late 1933 and early 1934.

John H. Wynkoop.
     Chief Field Agent of the United States Prohibition Forces, Los Angeles, California.

Character Sketches, Biographies and Autobiographies:
Cornelis Wynkoop.
     The Original.

John Wynkoop Gilkyson, Jr.
     Of San Francisco, California.

Tobias Wynkoop of Lake County, Illinois.
     My favorite Wynkoop!

Horatio N. Ford.
     Of McCluskey, Jersey County, Illinois.

James W. Wynkoop.
     Boone County, Indiana.

J. V. Wynkoop.
     Of Clinton County, Indiana.

Isaac Wynkoop, Clay Township.
     Decatur County, Indiana.

Lewis B. Martin, West Point Township.
     Of White County, Indiana.

Lewis H. Wynekoop, West Point Township.
     Of White County, Indiana.

William Wynekoop, West Point Township.
     Of White County, Indiana.

J. W. Wynkoop, Columbia Township.
     Whitley County, Indiana.

John Wynkoop of Robinson.
     Brown County, Kansas.

David Wynkoop of Brenner.
     Doniphan County, Kansas.

John H. Wynkoop.
     Doniphan County, Kansas.

C. J. Wyncoop.
     Mitchell County, Kansas. [Same as the fellow in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.]

David E. Wynkoop.
     Grand Traverse County, Michigan.

Thomas Wynkoop, of Grand Traverse County, Michigan.
     Born in Pennsylvania.

Rex V. Wynkoop.
     Of St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan.

Dr. Hiram W. Ray.
     Of St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan.

Capt. Evert W. Lawrence.
     Of Almont Township, Lapeer County, Michigan.

Legrand Dempster Wynkoop.
     Of Owosso, Shiwassee County, Michigan. (About three-quarters of the way down the page.)

William Carson.
     Of Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.

William M. Randall.
     Of Independence, Missouri.

Wynkoop Kiersted.
     Of Kansas City, Missouri.

Russell Smith.
     Of Cuba, Allegany County, New York.

Mynderse Wynkoop of Catskill, N.Y.
     From Yesteryears, Vol. 15, No. 59, Spring 1972.

Mynderse Wynkoop of Catskill, N.Y.
     Same fellow as above, but with portraits.

Mynderse Wynkoop.
     Of Greene County, New York.

The Wynkoop Family.
     Of Chemung County, New York.

Charles Wynkoop, Niagara County, New York.
     Born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

William Augustus Wynkoop.
     Of Syracuse, New York.

Edward Judson Wynkoop, M.D.
     Of Syracuse, New York.

Edward Judson Wynkoop.
     Of Syracuse, New York. (Same fellow as above.)

J. Gosman Wynkoop.
     Of Syracuse, New York.

Wynkoop, Jonathan G.
     Of Syracuse, New York. (Same fellow as above.)

James Davis Wynkoop.
     Of Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

Augustus Wynkoop, Petty Thief.
     What can I say?

Cornelius De Witt Wynkoop, Policeman and Printer.
     Formerly of the Mayor's Squad of New York City.

Dr. Wynkoop, of New York City.
     A brief biography of Dr. Gerardus Hilles Wynkoop.

A Drama With a Pleasant Ending, Romance of Actor Basil West and Miss Lulu Harris.
     From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, 11 December, 1890, p. 6.

Paternal Recollections.
     Robert Bennett Wynkoop's tribute to his father, Henry William Wynkoop.

     The Autobiography of Robert Wynkoop Lansing, descendant of Capt. Jacobus Wynkoop.

The Whipple - Strang Tragedy.
     Robert Wynkoop Lansing's tale of the notorious murder of John Whipple by Jesse Strang in 1827 Albany, N.Y.

Henry W. Hunt.
     Father-in-law of Nellie Wynkoop.

Daniel Elliott, of Franklin County, Ohio.
     Husband of Miss Sidney Wynkoop.

Joseph Campbell.
     Of Miami County, Ohio.

Dr. C. J. Wyncoop.
     Of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. [Same as the fellow in Mitchell County, Kansas.]

Guy Maxwell.
     Of Newtown, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

John Wynkoop, Proprietor of the Buck Tavern.
     Of Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

John Wynkoop and family, of the Clarion River.
     Clarion and Forest Counties, Pennsylvania.

Leonard W. Zeigler.
     Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

The Death of A. R. Wyncoop of Clymer.
     Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Matthew B. Wynekoop.
     Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Matthew Calvin Wynkoop.
     A brief biography of Matthew Calvin Wynkoop of Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Raymond Wynkoop.
     Of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. My Dad.

Mrs. Catherine Clayton.
     Of Montgomery County, Pa., (and the younger sister of my 2nd great-grandfather, William Wynkoop.)

Hamilton H. Gilkyson, Jr.
     Of Phoenixville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Gershom Wynkoop of Tioga Township.
     Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

George W. Wynkoop.
     Of Berryville, Clarke Co., Virginia.

Urban G. Wynkoop.
     Of Tacoma, Washington.

The Wyncoop, Morgan, Selby, Hamtramck Families.
     by Helen Boteler Pendleton.

Told By the Pioneers.
     Nancy Winecoop's memories of the late 1800s Spokane Indians.

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