The Mystery of Cornelis Wynkoop's Musket.
The Mystery of
Cornelis Wynkoop's Musket.

    Cornelis Wynkoop's Musket has been shrouded in some mystery since February of 1942 when Dr. J. R. Mayer, F.R.M., the owner of the Musket, published an article on it in Hobbies Magazine.

    Dr. Mayer speculated that it may have once belonged to the original Cornelius Wynkoop, (1627-1676), and accompanied a description of the Musket with a history of Pieter Wynkoop and his supposed son, Cornelis, based on a variety of sources, some of them accurate and some of them full of rank speculation.

    In all fairness to Dr. Mayer, he used the best sources available at the time, but events have passed him by and we now know that Cornelis was not Pieter's son and even more interestingly that the famous Musket didn't belong to the original Cornelis at all.

    Here you can read the original article, which I suggest you take with a large grain of salt. (I personally don't care for his assessment of Cornelius's nature, but I'll take that up at another time.) When you've finished reading the original article, read the next one and discover for yourself who the real owner of Cornelis Wynkoop's Musket was; and discover a couple of new Cornelis Wynkoops along the way.



Cornelis Wynkoop's Musket
    By Dr. J. R. Mayer, F.R.M.

The Mystery Solved
     The real owner of the Musket revealed.

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