New Jersey Marriage Records, 1665-1800.
New Jersey Marriage Records,

New Jersey Marriage Records, 1665-1800.

Marriage Licenses.

Page 76:

Covenhoven, Cornelius, Middletown, and Jane Denise, Freehold 1758, Dec. 5

Covenhoven, John, Middletown, and Nelly Wyckoff, Freehold 1755, Dec. 8

Page 77:

Covenhoven, Peter, Middletown, and Catherine De Hart, Freehold 1749, July 27

Page 95:

Covenhoven, Catharine, Middlet'n, and Nicholas Van Brunt, Shrewbury 1767, Jan. 15

Page 96:

Covenhoven, Margaret, Middletown, and Phlip Wynkoop, Philadelphia 1735, Mar. 9

Covenhoven, Mary, Middletown, and Daniel Van Mater, Monmouth 1754, Dec. 27

Covenhoven, Sarah, Middletown, and Garret Schanck, Middletown 1762, Jan. 5

Covenhoven, Williamtic, Middletown, and Matthias Covenhoven, Mid. 1749, July 27

Page 445:

Wyncoop, Henry, Pennsylvania, and Sarah DuBois 1782, April 20

Wynkoop, Philip, Pennsylvania, Margaret Covenhoven, Middletown 1735, Mar. 9


Nelson, William, New Jersey Marriage Records, 1665-1800. Edited, With an Historical Introd. on the Early Marriage Laws of New Jersey, and the Precedents on Which They were Founded, Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1967, pp. 76, 77, 95, 96, 445.


    I did this research in 1998 and 1999 when I was trying to determine who the father was, or even which family Margaret Covenhoven, the wife of Philip Wynkoop, (my 5th great-grandfather), came from, which explains why this list is top-heavy with Covenhovens. To this date, May 31st, 2004, I still haven't been able to prove who her family was. That is, I have found no smoking gun which says that Margaret Covenhoven was the child of so-and-so Covenhoven. I have yet to find any records that make that definitive acknowledgement.

    That said, however, I do have a pretty good idea who her family was, even if I can't prove it yet. For that story, please see my webpage on the many Margaret Covenhovens at, The Mystery of Margaret Covenhoven's Parentage.


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