The Pieter Wijncoop - Cornelius Wijnkoop Connection.
The Pieter Wijncoop -
Cornelius Wijnkoop Connection.

The Pieter Wijncoop - Cornelius Wijnkoop Connection.

Christopher H. Wynkoop.

    Kurt Graham, [email protected], wrote:

    "I've read your wonderful transcription of the Wynkoop genealogy and it had led me to believe that Cornelius Wynkoop was a son of Peter Wynkoop. Do you think that is correct? I noted on a forum post of yours that Cornelius E. Wynkoop had arrived in N. America in 1751 [sic] and this made me wonder if you might not have found something indicating that Cornelius may not have been Peter's son after all."

    Keeping in mind that Richard Wynkoop published his last Wynkoop Genealogy in 1904, (although he continued to work on it until at least September of 1906), there have been a few family records uncovered since then which have changed the family landscape. Even Richard wrote that he had his doubts about Pieter and Cornelis's relationship.

    The short of it is that Peter, (more properly Pieter Pieterse Wijncoop), was not the father of Cornelius, (more properly Cornelis Evertsz. Wijnkoop).

    According to a record found in the Gemeente Archief in Amsterdam by Koen Wijnkoop, [email protected], Pieter was born around 1616 or 1617, probably in Amsterdam, to Pieter Jansz. Wynkoop and Jaapje Evers:

GAA Baptisms, 5/224: Pieter, the son of Pieter Jansz Wynkoop and Jaapje Evers was baptized on August 13, 1617 in Old Church, Amsterdam.
    On March 9, 1640 in a deposition in New Amsterdam Pieter stated that he was 24 years old:

Register of the Provincial Secretary, March 9, 1640.

    The baptismal record is not a birth record so we must assume from that record that Pieter was born sometime in July or early August of 1617. The 1640 deposition, however, gives us a different birth year of 1616. That's a difference of almost one year and five months. Plainly more research needs to be done on Pieter to nail down the truth of his birth and parentage.


    Moving on to Cornelis for comparison; as of the current date, (March 17, 2002), no baptismal or birth records have been found for him, so we must rely on his own statement in Amsterdam, before he boarded the Geldersche Blom.

    Cornelis, (pronounced Corn-ayl-yus), was born around 1627, since he lists his age as 24 on the March 20th, 1651 contract he signed in Amsterdam to come over to New Netherland. William J. Hoffman wrote in "Random Notes Concerning Settlers of Dutch Descent" in the April 1953 edition of The American Genealogist:

    "Another passenger was Cornelis Evertsz Wynkoop, 24 years old, from the "Buurschap Wyckerom by Eeden." This establishes the origin, age, and the father's name, all heretofore unknown, of this well known family in America. In my article [N.Y. Record, 1934:331; 1935:68] devoted to the arms of this family, I enumerated several bearers of this surname found in the records of Gelderland (to which I have since been able to add others). I mentioned Evert Wincoop, who was living in 1585, and also one Reynier Evertsz Wijncoop whose widow Diele van Morseler was mentioned in 1609, then aged 85, hence born about 1524. It is possible that he may be identified with Rev. Reynier Wijncoop, formerly a priest who had been converted to Protestantism and had become a minister at Barnevelt. He died in 1602. There is also mention of Styne Elbertsd (Evertsdr?), wife of Gerrit van Mehen and a sister of Reynier van Wyncoop (possibly the above) who sued Evert Wyncoop in 1580. These are excellent leads for a further investigation concerning the ancestry of the American settler, Cornelis Evertsz Wynkoop, born about 1627. The above cited records prove that the American Wynkoops belong to the Gelderland family of this name and not to the family of the same name from Hoorn as the late Mr. de Young, a Dutch genealogist in the United States, propounded.
    Still another passenger on the same ship was Gysbert Philips from Velthuysen, 24 [sic-actually 34-chw] years old, a "neve" (nephew or cousin) of Cornelis Wynkoop. His wife was a daughter of Cornelis Pietersz, a farmer at Velthuysen. Gysbert was killed by the Indians [ERA, IV:11; Corr. Jer. Van Renss., p. 89; Pearson, Alb., p. 199]. He is not to be confused with Sergt. [Nicolaes] Velthuysen at Midwout."
    The upshot of all of this is that Pieter would only have been 11 years old when Cornelis was born, (not exactly an impossibility, but pushing it a bit I think.)

    More importantly, in terms of Dutch naming conventions, explained here:

Pieter Pieterse Wijncoop was the son of a man named Pieter, (see the Pieter Janz. Wynkoop and Japje Evers baptismal record mentioned earlier.) Cornelis Evertsz. Wijnkoop was the son of a man named Evert. (Cornelis probably named his second son after his own father, by the way.)

    Additionally, Pieter and Cornelis even spelled their last names differently, (and pretty consistently too), Pieter spelling Wijncoop with a C and Cornelis spelling his last name with a K. Below are close-ups of Pieter and Cornelis's signatures for comparison:

Pieter Pieterse Wijncoop Signature.
Pieter Pieterse Wijncoop Signature.


Cornelis Wijnkoop's 1651 Signature.
Cornelis Wijnkoop's 1651 Signature.

    The closest the two men may have ever been, physically, was the period between March 20th, 1651 and approximately April 1st, 1651 when Cornelis was in Amsterdam waiting for the ship, Geldersche Blom, (the Flower of Gelderland), to set sail for New Netherland. I don't positively know that Pieter was in Amsterdam at that particular point and time, but that's where his wife and children lived and where he died five years later, in 1656. It's tempting to think that they may have passed each other in the street or run into each other at the notary's, Joost van de Ven. Joost worked for the van Rensselaers while both Pieter and Cornelis were employed by them. It may very well be that they were cousins, but until more research is done in the Netherlands, all that remains pure speculation.

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