The Wynkoop-Romanov Connection.
The Wynkoop-Romanov Connection.

The Wynkoop-Romanov Connection.

Christopher H. Wynkoop.

    April Wynkoop of Ashland, Oregon wrote:

    "Here's an interesting question for you. I heard recently that the Wynkoops are supposed to be related to the Empress Anastasia, the same Anastasia that the animated Disney film was about. Does anyone know anything about this and how we are related? My brother thinks royalty in Holland may have married royalty in Russia. Any ideas? -April Dawn Wynkoop."
    There are a couple of Wynkoop connections to the Romanov family as you suggest, as well as to the ruling family of Greece. This connection, a recent one, is through marriage and affects their immediate families only. Here are the facts as I've been able to gather them by doing a search of the Usenet through Dejanews at:

as well as information posted at:

and most importantly, recent clarifications sent by Alexandra Wynkoop, [email protected], the daughter of Nancy (Leeds) Wynkoop.

    Nancy Helen Marie (Leeds) Wynkoop, (b. New York City, February 4, 1925; m. Glen Cove 22, December 22, 1945, Edward Wynkoop, b. in Syracuse, New York, May 23, 1917), is the grand-daughter of Princess Marie of Greece, (Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg). Princess Marie's mother was Olga. Her father was George I. Olga and Nicholas II were first cousins. Czar Nicholas II of Russia was the father of the Princess Anastasia.

    Nancy's father, Billy Leeds, married Princess Xenia thus establishing the family connection. Billy Leeds and Princess Xenia were later divorced in 1930. Princess Xenia Georgievna Romanov Leeds Jud passed away in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York on September 17, 1965. Nancy married Edward Judson Wynkoop, Jr. on December 22nd, 1945. (He is the son of Edward Judson Wynkoop.) They have a daughter, Alexandra Wynkoop, (b. Stamford, Connecticut, March 30, 1959.)

    Nancy Wynkoop, who is the great-great-granddaughter of George Mikhailovitch, is directly in the line of succession to the Greek throne thanks to the deal between King Constantine I and Nancy Leeds. The succession there is limited to the descendants of George I - the current succession is Pavlos, Nicholas, Philippos, Alexia, Theodora, Irene and Nancy Leeds Wynkoop, (as Princess Marie never renounced her rights when she married George of Russia.)

    Nancy Wynkoop was interviewed several years ago for a special on Anastasia which plays from time to time on TLC or the History Channel on Cable here in the United States.

    There is another Romanov connection in the family of Christopher Morgan Wynkoop, of Redbank, N. J., who is an actor. He is a cousin of Alexandra Wynkoop's, and is married to a Russian cousin of her mother's. Christopher's father is Burson Wynkoop, who was born in Long Branch, New Jersey and died February 24, 1987. His mother is Elizabeth Jenkins Wynkoop.

    The Russian side of his children's family tree goes like this:

    HIH Nikolai Nikolaievitch Grand Duke of Russia, b. Tsarkoe Selo, August 8th n.s., 1831, d. Alupka, Crimea, April 25th n.s., 1891. He married, February 6th n.s., 1856, at the Winter Palace Church, Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, HSH Alexandra Friederike Wilhelmine Duchess von Oldenburg, b. St. Petersburg, June 2nd n.s., 1838, d. Pokrovsky Monastery, Kiev, April 26th n.s., 1900. Children from this marriage:

    1. HIH Nikolai Nilokaievitch Grand Duke of Russia, b. St. Petersburg, November 18th n.s., 1856, d. Villa Thénard, Cap d'Antibes, January 5th, 1929. He was Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army.
    2. HIH Pjotr Nikolaievitch Grand Duke of Russia, b. St. Petersburg, January 22nd n.s., 1864, d. Cap d'Antibes, June 17th, 1931. He married at Peterhof, August 7th, 1889, Militza Princess Petrovich Njegosh of Montenegro, b. Cetinje, July 26th, 1866, d. Alexandria, September 5th, 1951. Children from this marriage:
    1. HH Marina Petrovna Princess of Russia, b. Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, March 11th, 1892, d. Six-Fours-les-Plages, May 15th, 1981.
    2. HH Roman Petrovitch Prince of Russia.
    3. HH Nadezhda Petrovna Princess of Russia, b. Dulber, Crimea, March 3rd, 1898, d. Chantilly, April 21st, 1988; married at Haraks, Crimea, April 10th, 1917, Nikolai Prince Orlov, b. St. Petersburg, March 12th, 1896, d. New York City, New York, May 30th, 1961. (Divorced: 1940). Children from this marriage:
    1. Irina Nikolaievna Princess Orlov, b. Koreiz, Crimea, March 17th, 1918, d. Villacerf, September 16th, 198; Married in Rome, April 27th, 1940, Herbert Freiherr von Waldstätten, b. Vienna, January 1st, 1913, d. Vienna, July 24th, 1977). (Divorced: 1946). Child:
    1. Elisabeth Freiin von Waldstätten, b. Budapest, February 7th, 1944. Married in Rumsen, New Jersey, July 27th, 1970, Christopher Morgan Wynkoop, b. Red Bank, New Jersey, December 7th, 1942. Children from this marriage:
    a. Mark Burson Wynkoop, b. Red Bank, New Jersey, July 21st, 1972.
    b. Gregory Alexis Wynkoop, b. Red Bank, New Jersey, December 2nd, 1975.
    2. Xenia Nikolaievna Princess Orlov, b. Paris, March 27th, 1921, d. Ennordres, August 7th, 1963.
    I hope this answers some of your questions. If anyone knows more about this connection please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will update this page with the new information.


    I would like to thank Alexandra Wynkoop, [email protected], the daughter of Nancy Leeds Wynkoop, for writing me to clarify some of the relationships here. Alexandra, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get back to you. Work on the website keeps me hopping. Thanks so very much for your help and information. I really appreciate it.

    All my best,


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