Wynkoop Name Spelling Variations.
Wynkoop Name Spelling Variations.

    I have found information in the Federal Census records and in a variety of online databases under each and every one of these variations. It's surprising how creative people can be with a simple, seven letter name.

    Best of luck with your research.


Wynkoop Name Spelling Variations
With Their National Archives Soundex Codes:

Spelling variations Total: (59)
Spelling: Soundex:
Mincoop M521
Minkoop M521
Myncoop M521
Mynkoop M521
Nyncoop N521
Nynecoop N521
Nynkoop N521
Uynkoop U521
VanWijncoop V525
VanWijnkoop V525
VanWinkoop V552
VanWynkoop V552
Weinkoop W521
Wencob W521
Weynkoop W521
Whynkoop W521
Wigncoop W252
Wignkoop W252
Wijncoop W252
Wijnkoop W252
Wincob W521
Wincoop W521
Wincop W521
Wincoeps W521
Wincope W521
Wincup W521
Windcoop W532
Windkoop W532
Winecoo W520
Winecoop W521
Winecop W521
Winecope W521
Winekop W521
Winhoop W510
Winkock W522
Winkoop W521
Winkopp W521
Wyinecoop W521
Wynckoop W521
Wyncoap W521
Wyncoof W521
Wyncoop W521
Wyncoope W521
Wyncooper W521
Wyncop W521
Wyncoup W521
Wynecoop W521
Wynekoop W521
Wynhoop W510
Wynkoap W521
Wynkocp W522
Wynkoof W521
Wynkook W522
Wynkoop W521
Wynkoope W521
Wynkop W521
Wynkope W521
Wynkoup W521
Wynkuop W521

    With the arrival of more and more searchable databases online, many of them created through the use of Optical Character Recognition, (OCR), software, I've had to expand my list of spellings for the Wynkoop family name.

    Depending on the mood of the OCR software used, (and maybe even the phase of the moon), it's accuracy in transcribing records can range from a high of about 92 or 93%, (my estimates by the way and not those of the advertising agencies that promote the material), to a low of 20% or so. That means that a name that looks like "WYNKOOP" on the printed page, can come out of the wash looking nothing like that at all. To track down all of this missing family history has required some really creative spelling, and I share those with you now.

Many databases will allow you to use what is known as a Boolean search, when using their material for research. This basically allows you to search for two or more separate terms at a time. Using the connector AND tells the system that you want to find instances where both appear on the page at the same time, while using the connector OR tells the system that you would like to find any and all of the search terms listed. There are other Boolean terms available, which vary from site to site, so I would suggest that you consult their Help pages if you need to narrow your search further.

    This list uses the OR operator because I want the broadest results possible when doing my research. Your needs may, and probably will vary. You may tack on an AND operator at the end of each search string below, if for example you're only interested in these spelling variations in relation to say, Isaac Wynkoop.

    The list below is broken up into short sections because most database search engines can only handle one short list of search terms at a time. I have put these lists in a descending order. The ones at the top have produced the most results for me, while the list at the bottom produces the least number of results; but I would encourage you to try all eight of these Boolean lists before you call it a day. You just never know how the OCR software in use will have mangled the spelling of the family name.

    Once again, I want to wish you the best of luck with your research. I hope you find my experiences with online databases of some help.

    All my best,


Boolean Search Terms

Wynkoop OR Wyncoop OR Winecoop OR Wynekoop OR Wynecoop OR Wynckoop OR Wyncouf OR Wynkouf OR Wynkoof OR Wyncoof OR Wynckoop OR Wijnkoop OR Wijncoop

Wyncop OR Winkop OR Winekop OR Winekope OR Winecope OR Wynkop OR Winecof OR Winecop OR Winecop OR Winekoop OR Winekoof OR Winekooh OR Winecooh OR Winecoof OR Winecoop OR Winkooh OR Winkoof OR Wincoof OR Wincooh

Windcoop OR Windkoop OR Windkoof OR Windkooh OR Windcoof OR Windcooh OR Winecoo OR Winecope OR Winekope OR Winhoop OR Winkock OR Wincock OR Wincook OR Winkook OR Winkoap OR Wynkoap OR Wyncoap OR Wincoap OR Winkopp OR Wincopp

Wyinecoop OR Wyinekoop OR Wiynecoop OR Wiynekoop OR Wiynecoof OR Wiynekoof OR Wyncoof OR Wynkoof OR Wyncooh OR Wynkooh OR Wynecoof OR Wynekoof OR Wyncoope OR Wynkoope OR Wyncooper OR Wynkooper OR Winecoope OR Winekoope OR Wyncop OR Wynkop

Wyncoup OR Wynkoup OR Wyncuop OR Wynkuop OR Wynhoop OR Wynhoof OR Winehoop OR Winehoof OR Wynkocp OR Wynkcop OR Wyncocp OR Wynccop OR Wincoeps OR Winkoeps OR Wyncoeps OR Wynkoeps OR Wunkoop OR Wuncoop OR Whyncoop OR Whynkoop

Wynkooo OR Wyncooo OR Wincob OR Winkob OR Wynkob OR Wyncob OR Wenkob OR Wencob OR Wignkoop OR Wigncoop OR Wignkoof OR Wigncoop OR Wignkooh OR Wigncooh OR Weynkoop OR Weyncoop OR Weynkoof OR Weyncoof OR Weynkooh OR Weyncooh

Uynkoop OR Uyncoop OR Uynkoof OR Uyncoof OR Uynkooh OR Uyncooh OR Nynkoop OR Nyncoop OR Nynkoof OR Nynkooh OR Nyncoof OR Nyncooh OR Nynekoop OR Nynecoop OR Nynekoof OR Nynecoof OR Nynekooh OR Nynecooh OR Mynkoop OR Myncoop

Mynkoof OR Myncoof OR Mynkooh OR Myncooh OR Minkoop OR Mincoop OR Minkoof OR Mincoof OR Minkooh OR Mincooh

'nkoop OR ///ynkoop OR /Vynkoop OR V/ynkoop OR ~\Ty~oop OR \\rynkoop OR \\Tyj~oop OR \\Tynkoop OR \Vynkoop OR \Vyuikoop OR Hrnkoop OR Hynkoap OR Ivynkoop OR Lltynkoop OR Lvynkoop OR Lvyukoop OR Tj’ynkoop OR T’Vynlcoop OR Tvynkoop OR Tvynlcoop

Tynkoop OR Vynlcoop OR Vyuikoop OR W)m1~oop OR W)-nkoop OR W)-pikl-cp OR W!mcoop OR W!r oop OR W!woop OR W,ynk>,i OR Wbeeoop OR Wbwoop OR Wfr coop OR Wh coop OR Whaecoop OR Whaeeoop OR Whdecoop OR Whwoop OR Whxeoop OR Wiaeeoop

Wiiaecoop OR Wineciop OR Wineeoop OR Wineroop OR Wir coop OR Wit,eeoop OR Wiwoop OR Wli,ecoop OR Wlnecoop OR Wlr ecoop OR Wlneeoop OR Wnecoop OR Wtecoop OR Wti coop OR Wtr eeoop OR Wvnk•. p OR Wvnk OR Wvxxoop OR Wy~koop OR Wybkoop

Wydcoop OR Wydecoop OR Wydeoop OR Wydkoop OR Wyi oop OR Wyi coop OR Wyiaecoop OR Wyiaekoop OR Wyiakoop OR Wyiikoop OR Wyiinecoop OR Wyinkoop OR Wy~p OR Wyi troop OR Wyixoop OR Wylikoop OR Wymko.k OR Wymkoop OR Wyn)~ OR Wyńcoop

Wync©op OR Wynco OR Wynco©p OR Wyneeoop OR Wyneke OR Wyneke op OR Wyneo,p OR Wyneoop OR Wynicoop OR Wynjwop OR Wyńkoop OR Wyn’koop OR Wynko©p OR Wynkcirp OR Wynkdap OR Wyn koop OR Wynk.x•_. OR Wynko OR Wynko,p OR Wynko©p

Wynkogp OR Wynkoo OR Wynkoopa OR Wynl OR Wynl~oop OR Wynlcoop OR Wynlkoop OR Wyoekoop OR Wypekoop OR Wyr coop OR Wyraekoop OR Wyraoop OR Wyrikoop OR Wyrlkoop OR Wyrnkoop OR Wyr troop OR Wyt coop OR Wyt koop OR Wytakoop OR Wyt eeoop

Wyt ekoop OR Wyteoop OR Wytkoop OR Wytmcoop OR Wytnkoop OR Wyttekoop OR Wyt troop OR Wytxoop OR Wyukoop OR Wywoop

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