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Utah Military Records

Listed on this page are links to online databases of Utah military records. Bookmark this page so that you can quickly access records to these Utah military records.

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Utah military records

Utah military records are a great way to get addition information, such as birth, death, and sometimes names of spouses. Often Utah military records can provide additional details that can be used to obtain vital records certificates.

This webpage gives you access to several online databases containing Utah military records, as well as related genealogy in Utah. The links presented to the right should get your pointed in the right direction.

You will notice that while many of the Utah military records resources presented here are free, some do require a fee to access.

On this page you will find the most comprehensive databases containing Utah military records. We also suggest searching for "Utah military records" using Google.com, which will yield more such resources.

We would like to thank Rootsweb for graciously donating the server space to us so that we may provide this webpage of Utah military records to you.

Other Utah Military Records Online

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Utah Military Records
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