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    The J.S.Y. Archives is dedicated to all those that have spent time in libraries, reading books, looking at endless amounts of microfilm, snail mailed, and spent money researching this family.  This archive could not have been possible without them.

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    Welcome to the John Swanson Yarbrough Archives.  I am Renee Smelley and I host the J.S.Y. Archives.  This archive is the result of many years of research by other fellow family genealogist.  A lot of the documentation that you will find here was received from Karen Mazock, Historian/Archivist for the National Yarbrough Association and chairman of the Yarbrough Archive Committee, who keeps a file on J.S.Y. and his descendants.  The file that Karen and the Committee keeps on file contains information that other researchers have submitted to her.  I have also received documentation from other people researching different branches of the J.S.Y. Family and have also placed that information in this archive.

       It is my goal to supply the submitters name, when it is known, to all documentation uploaded to the J.S.Y. Archives.  I can't claim, and do not claim, as being the person that has found all the documentation and information on this site.  I am merely providing this archive for anyone that is interested in the J.S.Y. family.

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    A record or document that you have could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle for another J.S.Y Family researcher or someone that has hit a brick wall.  If you have any J.S.Y. Family related documentation, for descendants or spouses of descendants, and would like to share it with others by submitting it to the J.S.Y Archives, please send it to Renee Smelley.  All files that I receive via email or snail mail will be added soon after they have been received.

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 The Life and Times of John Swanson Yarbrough
        Story written in a timeline format about John Swanson Yarbrough and his family that also contains links to records and source documentation.


leaf bullettThe Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc
       Dedicated to discovering and memorializing the Yarbrough Family lineages and accomplishments.
If you have records for other Yarbrough Families (all spelling variations) go to this site.  The committee's goal is to locate and preserve the history of the Yarbrough (all spelling variations) Family through records, pictures and artifacts. We not only try to preserve these records, but share them with all interested researchers. The only "fee" for this service is our request that you share with us any Yarbrough records you find. A record you find that doesn't seem to pertain to your line could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle for another researcher who has hit a brick wall.

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