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Mark Rattet was born on January 13, 1959 in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, and later went to high school in Newport Beach, California. He and his wife Connie raised their beautiful family in the Seattle, Washington area.

Mark tried his hand at several different occupations before finding his niche managing a team of sales people in an auto dealership. Mark was very good at inspiring his team and leading them to increasing their sales, breaking records and winning awards.

Mark loved animals, especially dogs. As a young boy, Mark was an excellent equestrian, winning awards in summer camp. He loved outdoor activities like fishing and camping. He landed some really big catches both in the icy cold waters of the Puget Sound, and in the warm tropical waters off of Mexico. He especially loved sharing these experiences with his kids, niece and nephew.

Mark was an amazing person. He was smart, funny, creative, loving, generous of heart, charming, driven, ambitious, and motivated. We all have many great memories of time spent with him; a lot of time spent laughing because he could really make us all laugh.

Mark loved his family. His three children, Sam, Jake and Dulcie were the brightest stars in the sky for him. His untimely passing at the young age of 47 on July 18, 2006 has left a hole in our lives, and we miss him terribly.