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Francis Fields,Elaine Morland,Ruby Fields
Mary Morland,Bonnie Fields,Reva Morland







Morland sisters at the Moulin Rouge for "Queen For A Day"
Elaine, Cleo, Mary, Ruth, Reva, & Veo
Shirly could not make it that day.















Pearl, Bonnie, Mary

Florence (Aaron) Morland
& Benjamin Morland
Ben Morland Upper Left


Lucinda (Cowart) Spikes
Ben Morland's Grandmother, Riley Morland's
Mother-in-Law, Clara's Mother








Mary, Ruby, Bonnie
Long Beach "Pike"










Tonya, Gail, Greg, Steven
Golden Gate-1958


Steven Fields-1958






Elaine (Morland) & Johnny Richardson
Mary Morland, Gene Shurer





Benjamin Morland