In memory of PDZ

In memory of Paul Zasadil

September 6, 1952 - November 21, 2002

We are all born unto this earth cradled in the arms of love.  Upon our arrival we are given certain birthrights: a name, parents and grandparents and most likely siblings.  We come into this world with the five magnificent senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.  Surrounded by all these wonderful things there's something we don't have ... friends, not a single friend in the world.

Somewhere along our journey we learn common sense and discover that in addition to all the wonderful birth given rights, we have another right, the right to choose.  We choose our friends, and if we are fortunate enough, those we choose accept us as their friend.  And usually we single out one individual and proclaim that person to be "my best friend".

Some 40 years ago I unknowingly met my best friend and a few years later I looked at him and declared him to be my best friend and he accepted.  When we were about 13 we had a favorite rock band, his The Rolling Stones, mine The Beatles.  One day we discovered the opposite sex and he would turn his head left to look at the blonde while I turned right to admire the brunette.  When we were 16 and hot shot car owners we would often park next to each other in the high school parking lot, he in his 1967 light blue Chevy SS Chevelle and I in my 1967 dark blue Ford GT Fairlane.  When we turned 21 and old enough to drink our first beer, we walked into a bar, sat next to one another and ordered our favorite beer, he an Old Style and I a Budweiser. Back in the mid 60's we both played a little guitar, he a Fender and I a Gibson.  We were the perfect match to become "best friends" which we did and will forever remain. Paul Zasadil is my best friend.

Paul and I came through the ranks of childhood into adulthood step for step and share a lifetime of history.  His childhood family and home was my second family and home. His mother not only tolerated our guitar playing and singing but encouraged it.  We were little league and scholastic sports team mates, his father our first little league coach.  We were college and "bachelor pad" room mates.  Scaffold partners. At one time we owned and operated a business corporation and continued working together side by side running field operations for a Chicago high-rise restoration company for the past 10 years.  We both married (and of course, he to a blonde and I to a brunette) and by choice, Paul was my best man and I was his.  When my son was born he needed a middle name and I chose Paul’s…David.  From not too far away I had the opportunity to watch my best friend become a successful homeowner, family man and a most dedicated father.  He was a Peacock flaunting the brightest colored tail feathers the world has ever seen when he spoke of his son.

Paul David Zasadil, a great man, a phenomenal friend, left his mark on all who knew him and without hesitation I can honestly say, "I love you Zas"             Chuck Jennings…November 23, 2002

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