12th Infantry, Company A

Twelfth Infantry South Carolina Volunteers

This page contains a roster, a list of casualties at Groveton & Winchester, and links for battles.

Officers of Company A:
McCorkle, W.H.
, Captain, Promoted to Major
Grist, Lewis M., 1st Lt/Captain, Appointed mustering officer
Parker, John T., Captain
Miller, William D., Sgt/1st Lt., Retired 1/17/1865
Witherspoon, Isaac D., 3rd Lt./2nd Lt., Retired 4/30/1862
Watson, James A., 2nd Lt.

Enlisted men:
Adams, Samuel W.
Private, DOD 8/14/1862 Richmond VA
Adams, William E., Private
Allen, H.C.A., Private, DOW 5/6/1864 Wilderness VA
Allison, Rufus M., Private, also served Hamton Legion Co. G Corporal
Ashe, Robert L., Private, Died 8/2/1862 2nd Manassas
Barber, John F., Private, DOD 6/28/1862 Richmond VA
Barnes, John O., KIA 5/12/1864
Beard, Jackson, Private/Lieut., KIA
Beard, William F., Sgt./Private
Bird, George, Cook
Black, Edward A., Private
Blair, James P., Private/Corporal
Brakefield, James, Private, DOD 5/27/1862 Ashland VA
Brown, James B., Private, KIA 7/28/1862 Petersburg VA
Burns, James E., 1st Ord. Sgt., DOD 11/16/1862
Burns, William A., Private
Burris, Thomas E., Private KIA 5/16/1864
Wilderness VA
Carnes, W. Harper, Private, died 1/5/1862 Orange Court House VA
Camp, J. Stanford, enlisted 3/12/1862, KIA 6/27/1862 Gaines Mill VA,
Cavins, W.H.
Chambers, James C.
, Private/Sergeant
Chambers, Robert S., Private/Corporal, KIA 5/12/1864
Chesser, James F., POW
Hart's Island
Clark, James Newton
, Private, KIA 5/23/1864 Jericko Ford VA
Cody, Absolum
, Private
Conrad, Robert, Private
Conrad, William R., Private,
POW Hart's Island
Cope, W.C.
Crawford, James H.
, Private
Crawford, William B., Private, DOD 6/16/1865 Chester SC
Creps,W.C., Corporal, DOW 11/24/1862 Richmond
Currence, Robert E., Private
Davidson, James T., Private, enlisted 8/20/1861, DOW 7/4/1863
Davidson, Robert L, Private,enlisted 3/17/1862, wounded near Gaines Mill VA 6/27/1862 & DOW at Richmond VA 8/19/1862
Davies, John L., Pvt./Corporal, wounded 5/5/1864 Wilderness VA,
POW Hart's Island
Doster, George S., Private, DIP 10/2/1863 Ft. Delaware DE, bured
Finn's Point Cemetery
Doster, James, Private
Doster, John W., Private/Corporal
Dover, Willis R., Private, also served 18th SCV Co. F
Dover, W.R., Private
Estes, J.A., Private
Estes, J.Q.J., Private, KIA 6/27/1862 Gaines Mill VA
Faris, J.M., Private
Faris, S.R.W.,Private
Faris, J.S.Q., Private, died 1862, buried
Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, VA
Feemster, Joseph E., Private
Feemster, Samuel M.,Private, DOW 7/17/1862 Richmond VA
Ferguson, William, Private, wounded 8/2/1862 2nd Manassas, died of wounds
Flack, Jacob, Private, DOW 7/17/1862 Gaines Mill VA
Galloway, James M., Private, DOD 8/1865
Galloway, John M., Private, DOW 7/6/1863
Galloway, Ross, Private, KIA 3/23/1865
Galloway, William A., Private, DOD 12/8/1862
Gardner, W.L., Private, KIA 5/12/1864
Goudelock, Nicholas C., Private, DOD 9/26/1861 Columbia SC
Greven, J.M., Private, died 6/8/1862 Richmond
Grier, Gilmer C., Private
Gunn, Jesse M., Private, DOD 6/8/1862 Richmond
Gunn, William F., Private
Gwinn, Chesley D., Private
Gwinn, Holly M., Private, DOW 1861
Gwinn, T. Murphy, Private
Hafner, Ephraim, Corporal, DOD 6/23/1863 Farmville VA
Hall, James A.R., Private
Hare, Richard, 1st Sgt.
Hartwell, Thomas, Private, DOD 10/25/1862 Georgetown SC
Helton, Drayton, Private,  
POW Hart's Island
Henry, B.P.R., Private, DOW 7/7/1862 Richmond VA
Hill, William E., Private
Hinson, James G., DOD 9/28/1862 Georgetown SC
Hobbs, William P., Private
Hodge, T.W., DOD 3/2/1862 Richmond
Holbrooks, Elam H., Private, wounded 7/3/1863
Hurst, Isaac F., Private, DOD 10/4/1862 Georgetown SC
Jackson, Andrew H,, Private, KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Jackson, Benjamin N., Private, KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Jackson, David, Sgt., KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Jackson, Hugh G., Asst. Surgeon, Physican
Jackson, Samuel E., Private
Jackson, William E., Private, DOW 7/7/1863
James, Daniel A., Private

Jenkins, Robert G., Private
Kidd, W.A., Private
Kidd, William J., Private, wounded 9/30/1864 Jones Pond
Koester, Louis, Private
Lack, Jacob F., Private, DOD 7/18/1862 Richmond
Land, ?, KIA 8/30/1862, 2nd Bull Run VA
Latta, Robert, Corporal, died 7/9/1862 Petersburg VA
Lawrence, John W., Private, wounded 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg & 3/19/1863 Fredericksburg
Lee, William J., Private
Lencar, William, Private
Lewis, William E., Private, DIP 6/15/1864 Ft. Delaware, buried Finn's Point Cemetery
Lindsay, James M., Private
Lindsay, John W., Corp., DOW 7/9/1862 Petersburg VA
Lindsay, William H., Private, DOW 6/24/1862 Richmond VA
Lockhart, Robert A., Private, DOD 6/2/1863 Richmond
Love, Daniel M., Private, DOW 5/12/1864
Love, James G., Sgt.
Lowry, William H., Private, DOW 10/23/1862 Richmond
Malhoney, James, Private
Mackerson, J.M.,Private, died Richmond
Massey, John T., Private
McClain, Julius T., Private
McCulloch, William F., Private, KIA 7/5/1863 Williamsport MD
McCully, William M., Private, wounded 8/29/1862
McDowell, John, Private
McDowell, William G., Private
, DOD 7/27/1862 Richmond
McElwee, John N., Private, wounded 7/27/1862 Gaines Mill VA, DOD 1862
McKeown, George W., Private, KIA 8/30/1862
McKeown, John M., DOD 5/31/1862 Richmond
McNeil, J.G., Private
McNeal, L.G., Private, DOW 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
McNeel, G.L., Private
Miller, W.D., Private
Montgomery, J.O., Corporal, KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Moore, A. Augustus,
Private, wounded 9/23/1861 Pocotaligo SC
Moore, Charles
, Private, KIA 6/27/1862
Gaines Mill VA
Moore, Daniel W.
, Corporal, DOW 10/1/1862 Warrenton VA, buried
Manassas Cemetery
Moore, Philander, Private, wounded Richmond VA
Mullins, L., Private, wounded 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Murphy, Edward M., Private, DOD 6/15/1862
Oates, S.L., Private, KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Palmer, William, Private, DOW 6/29/1862 Gaines Mill VA
Parker, Isaac L., Cpl., KIA 8/16/1864
Fussell's Mill
Parker, John F., Drowned 4/15/1862 Staunton River VA
Parker, John L.
, Private
Patterson, Allison
Pearson, George W.
, Private,
POW Hart's Island
Peters, David, Private, DOD Richmond
Pettus, Henry, Private, KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Plaxico, John S., Private, DOD 7/8/1862
Plaxico, Robert M., Sergeant,
POW Hart's Island
Pratt, John S., Private, DOW Richmond 5/31/1862
Pratt, Samuel, Private, KIA 9/19/1862 Sharpsburg
Pratt, William P., Private
Price, Edward C., Private, POW Hart's Island
Pursley, William C., Private, DOD 10/7/1861
Quinn, Robert, Private
Rhea, Robert A., Private, wounded 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas, & 7/2/1863 Gettysburg & 4/1/1864 Orange Court House
Roach, George .R., Sergeant
Roach, Napoleon B., Private, POW Hart's Island
Robinson, Simpson W., Private
Ross, M.C., Private, died 8/30/1862 at 2nd Manassas
Sadler, Isaac Newton, died 5/23/1864 Bethesa CH, VA
Sandifer, N.M., Private
Saylor, G.W., Private
Saylor, William, Private
Scott, Samuel M., Private, POW Hart's Island
Shearer, James M., Private, wounded 11/28/1861Pocotaligo SC
Sims, William R., Private
Strain, Archibald, Private, DOD 6/3/1861 Richmond
Thomasson, James G., Private, wounded 9/30/1864Jones Farm VA
Thomasson, John M., Private
Thomasson, Thomas G., Private, POW Hart's Island
Timberlake, Richard, Private, DOD 9/20/1862 Richmond
Tomlinson, John J.W., 1st Sgt.
Traylor, William T.,Private, KIA 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg
Wallace, Wilson, Private
Watson, James, 1st Lt.
Watson, Samuel W., Private
Whitesides, Calvin C., KIA 5/5/1864 Wilderness VA
Whitesides, Newton, 1st Sgt.
Whitesides, Robert N., Private, DOW 11/17/1862 Sharpsburg MD
Wilson, Samuel M., Private
Withers, R.J.
Wright, J.Spratt
, Private
Wylie, James, Private

Casualties at the Battle of Groveton VA
The 29th & 30th of August 1862 were devastating for York District. A large nuber of casualties ocurred in the battle of Groveton on the 29th. The following appeared in the Yorkville Enquirer 9/10/1862.
Casulties in Co. A. (Capt. Grist's Company) of the 12th Regt. S.C. Volunteers in the battle of Groveton were:
Jackson, B.N.-Private
Jackson, A.H.-Private
Jackson, David -Sgt.
Montgomery, J.O.-Cpl.
Oates, S.L.-Private
Ross, M.C.-Private

Cody, A.-severely in leg (leg since amputated)
Coonrod, R.-across bowels
Dover, W.-slightly
Galloway, J.M.-little finger shot off
Grist, L.M.-Captain severely in right arm
Gwinn, H.M-severely in face
Gwinn, T.M.-in thigh
Hall, J.A.R.-slightly
Holbrooks, E.H.-slightly in breast
Jackson, S.E.-slightly
Jackson, W.E.-slightly in side
Lowry, W.H.-severely in thigh
McCorkle, W.H.-Major was slightly wounded in the leg but is still doing duty.
McCully, W.M.-severly in thigh
Moore, D.W.-Corporal severely in knee
Mullinax, L.-severely
Neel, L.G.-mortally (since dead)
Plexicio, R.M.-finger shot off
Rhea, R.A.-in hand
Traylor, W.T.-slightly
Wilson, S.M.-severely in left arm

(William J. Kimbrell of the 12th Regt., S.C. Volunteers, sent the Yorkville Enquirer a list of the killed & wounded following the battle of Winchester in Virginia. The following, labeled as "the correct list" by Kimbrell, was printed in the 7/22/1863 issue.)
Company A-
Davidson, James T.
McCullough, William F. (Teamster)
Barnes, John O.-contusion in left side
Blair, J.-breast
Burns, W.A.-thigh
Currence, R.E.D.-side
Doster, John W.-right leg
Galloway, John-bowels
Grier, G.C.-shoulder
Gunn, William E.-shoulder
Holbrooks, E.H.-thigh severe
Jackson, William-neck
Rhea, R.A.-left foot severe
Sandifer, N.M.-in arm
Watson, James A.-Lieut. through thigh

Casualty reports courtesy of Louise Pettus, Editor of The Quarterly, The York County Genealogical & Historical Society, Box 3061CRS, Rock Hill SC 29732.

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