12th Infantry Co. B South Carolina Volunteers

Twelfth Infantry South Carolina Volunteers

This page contains a roster and list of casualties at the Battle of Groveton and Winchester. Please scroll down to cover all information.

On August 15, 1861 the Yorkville Enquirer carried the roster of the Campbell Rifles a company composed of men mostly from Yorkville and the nearby countryside. The men had reported to Camp Lightwood knot Springs (now Fort Jackson, near Columbia, SC) the week before.

Miller, John L., Captain
Dunlap, W.S., 1st Lt.
Bell, Thomas J., 2nd Lt.
Bigham, J.H., 3rd Lt.
, DOW 9/14/1862 2nd Manassas VA

Alexander, John J., Private,  DOD 9/6/1861
Arledge, Thomas, Private
Arrowood, James R., Corporal
Bailey, A.W., Private
Barber, J.G., , Private, DOD 9/15/1861
Barber, John T., Private, DOD 6/28/1862 Richmond VA
Barker, G.C., Private
Bigham, Joseph T., Private
Blackwell, Alf, Private
Blake, William, Privae
Bolin, Lewis, Private, died 7/30/1864
Braswell, A.B., Private
Braswell, M.L., Private
Brigman, James B., Private KIA 7/1/1863 Gettysburg
Brown, J.T., Private, DOW 8/15/1863 & is buried at Philadelphia National Cemtery Philadelphia PA, reburied at Magnolia Cemetery
Brown, L., Private
Brown, T., Private, DOW 7/1/1863 Chester PA
Brown, William, Sergeant, DOD 7/8/1862 Richmond, VA
Brown, W.M, Private
Carson, Edward, Private, KIA
Castles, Elenezer P, Private
Castles, T.L., Private, DOD 1/15/1863
Clark, J.J., Private
Childers, Ezekiel C., Private
Childers, Josiah, Private,
Hart's Island
Childers, Sherrod, Private
Childers, W.W., Private
Childress, W.W., Private, died 6/15/1862 & is buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA
Clark, James M., Private
Clark, S.M.
Chambers, J.S.
Chambers, W.E.
Chambers, W.C.
Childers, E.
Clines, C.P.
Cobb, George W., DIP 11/25/1863 Pt. Lookout MD
Darwin, Elza S., Private
Darwin, Martin V., 1st Sergeant
Doggett, J.L., Private
Doster, Alfred, Private
Dowdle, John
Dover, J.H., Private
Dover, P.h., Private
Dowdle, John A., Private
Dunlap, William S., Captain
Edder, J.W., died 6/15/1862 & is buried at Hollywood Cemtery, Richmond VA
Faries, John R.
Feemster, Joseph E., Private
Ferguson, W.C., DOD 1862
Filly, W.N., Private
Finley, Sm.
Finley, William M., Private
Gale, R.W., Private
Gillespie, J.B., Private
Hagins, C.J., (or Huggins, C.J.), died 8/4/1862 & is buried at Hollywood Cemtery, Richmond VA
Hagins, John J, Private, DOD 8/15/1862 Richmond
Hagins. Wyatt L., Private, DOD 2/15/1862 CHarleston
Hagins, Sylvanus, Private
Harman, Jacob B., Private
Henry, James D., Private
Hill, J.D, Private
Holbrooks, Martin, Private
Howell, W.B.
Jackson, Joseph L, Private
Jenkins, J.B, Private
Jenkins, Lawson, Private
Johnston, Steven M., DOW 7/3/1863,
Jones, E.
Jones, Green W., Private
Kell, Benjamin E., Private
Kell, Hugh H., Private
Kell, John D. Private,
POW Hart's Island
Kincaid, James, KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas
Kincaid, John A., Private
Lanier, Lewis, Private
Lanier, W.M., Private, DOW 9/12/1862
Love, Robert J., Private
Lowry, William, Private
Moore, D.D.
Manning, R.L., Private, DOD 8/7/1862 Lynchburg,
Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VA
Manning, W.C., KIA 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg
Marsh, S.J., Private
Martin, R.S., Private
Martin, Robert L, Private
McFadden, J.B.
McKnight, Feemster R., Private
McKnight, Isaac E., Private
McKnight, J.E., Sergeant
McKnight, J.B.
McKnight, J.R., Private, KIA 5/5/1864 Wilderness, Buried
Beersheba Cemetery
McDaniel, John L., Private
Moore, Morrice A., Corporal
Miller, W.J.
Mullinax, W.J., KIA 8/29/1862 2nd Manassas VA
Mullins, R.A., KIA 7/3/1863,
Mullins, W.H., KIA 8/29/1862, 2nd Manassas VA
Nichols, J.A., DOD 8/25/1864 Richmond
Nichols, Minor R., Private
Parish, C.W., died during war
Parish, I.G., Private
Parish, J.T., Private
Pinkston, William M., Private
Pearson, C.M.
Pierce, R., Private
Porter, Jame B., Private
Pressley, B.C., Private
Quinn, Warren, Private
Quinton, J, KIA 7/3/1863,
Ramsey, T.W.
Ravin, J.J., died 7/10/1862 & is buried at Hollywood Cemtery, Richmond VA
Rawls, Martin
Sanders, M.L.
Sherrer, George S., Private, died 5/14/1864
Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VA,
Sherrer, William A.
, POW Hart's Island
Spenser, T.N.
Stewart, J.D.
Stewart, W.T.
Simmons, R.L.
Smith, J.L.
Smith, J.H.
Smith, R.W.
Strain, Samuel
Templeton, Joseph
Wallace, William
Wallace, A.L.
Wallace, W.L.
Ware, James, KIA 1863,
Wood, Lewis
Weaver, Thomas
Wear, James
White, W.W.
Westmoreland, H.
Whisonant, John B., Corporal
, POW Hart's Island
White, William W., Sergeant, POW Hart's Island
Whitesides, R.C.
Whitesides, R.W.
Whitesides, Rufus G., Sergeant, POW Hart's Isalnd
Whitesides, James M.
, POW Hart's Island

CASUALTIES AT GROVETON-AUGUST 29, 1862 List of casualties in Co. B, 12th Regt., S.C. Vol., Capt. John L. Miller, in the Battle of Groveton 29th August 1862. Yorkville Enquirer, September 10, 1862.

Kincaid, James H.
Mullins, W.H.

Dunlap, W.S., 1st Lieut., slightly
Bigham, J.H., 2nd Lieut., severely
Darwin, M.V., 3rd Lieut., slightly
McKnight, J.R., OS, severely
Doggett, John L., Private, slightly
Dover, P.H., Private, severely
Ferguson, W.C., Private, severely
Finley, W.M, Private, slightly
Johnston, S.M, Private, slightly
Kell, John D., Private, slightly
Lanier, W.M., Private, severely
Martin, R.L., Private, slightly wounded & captured
McKnight, J.B., Private, severely
Mullins, R.A., Private, severely
Pinkston, W.M., Missing
Sherer, George, Private, slightly
Smith, J.H., Private, slightly wounded & captured
Wallace, A.L., Private, captured
Ware, George A., Private, severely

William J. Kimbrell of the 12th Regt. S.C. Volunteers, sent the Yorkville Enquirer a list of the killed and wounded of three York District Companies following the Battle of Winchester in Virginia. The following was labeled as "the correct list" by Kimbrell, was printed in the July 22, 1863 issue).
Brigman, Jas
Johnston, S.M., Courier for General Pender
Mulleno, R.A.
Quinton, J
Ware, James
Brown, J., Corporal, right arm, shoulder & breast severe
Castles, E.P., Corp, contusion in face
Jackson, J.L, contusion in leg
Kell, J.D., left thigh severe
Sherrer, George, light in head
Simmons, R.L, Lieut, left arm broken
Whitesides, R.G., Sergt, left arm severe

***All three list are courtesy of Louise Pettus, Editor, The Quarterly, York County Genealogical & Historical Society, Post Office Box 3061 CRS, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732

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