17th Infantry Co. C, South Carolina Volunteers

"Evan's Tramp Brigade"



This page contains a roster, battle links, casualties at 2nd Manassas, Hewlett's Farm, & Petersburg.  Please scroll down to see all information or use your browser's edit and find commands to search.

John Alfred Witherspoon, Captain, wounded 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas, DOW 10/19/1862,
John W. Mitchell, Bvt 2nd Lt/Captain, retired 2/4/1864
William Dunovant, Captain, retired 1/4/1865
William H. Moore, Captain, dismissed 10/1/1862 as 2nd Lt.
F.W. Moore, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
Daniel J. Young, 1st Lt., KIA 8/30/1862, 2nd Manassas
James G. Dover, 1st Lt., r. 4/1/1864
Henry Pratt, 1st Lt., KIA 7/30/1864,
J.W.A. Hartness, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
John C. Sanders, 2nd Lt.
John M. Morrow, 2nd Lt.

Enlisted men:
Ash, R.L.
, Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Barry, William Randolph, Private
Bolin, John, Private, DOW 11/10/1862, buried Manasas Cemetery, also listed as John Bowlin
Bolin, Lewis, Private KIA 7/301864
Crater, also listed as Lewis Bowlin
Bolin, William, Private DOD 6/15/1862 Charleston SC
Bolin, William Riley, Private, 9/15/1864 Petersburg
Boyles, William, Private DOD 1862 Charleston SC
Bridges, James, Private
Bridges, John G., Private
Bridges, Jonathan, Private, DOD 7/24/1862 Adams Run SC
Chambers, William S., Private, KIA 7/30/1864
Childers, John, Private, KIA 5/20/1864, Clay's Farm VA
Clark, William, Private, KIA 9/17/1862, Sharpsburg
Coat,H.P., Private
Cole, H.P., Private, KIA 7/30/1864, Crater
Cole, Pinckney, Private, KIA 5/20/1864, Clays /Hewlett's Farm
Dover, J.G., Private
Dover, Michael, Private
Dover, William M., Private, DOW 8/7/1864, Crater
Enloe, W., Private
Fervell, S.E., Private
, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Gilfillan, John McCully, Private, also served Hamptons Legion Co. B
Hambrick, George, 3rd Sgt., KIA 8/30/1862, 2nd Manassas
Hartness, Addison Davies, Private/Sgt., DOW 8/13/1864, Crater
Hartness, John R., Private, DIP 3/20/1864 Elmira
Hartness, W.T., Private/Sgt.
Irvin, William A., Private,
Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VA
Jones, F.M., died 4/13/1865,
Buried Cypress Cemetery 
Lanier, Pete, Private, KIA 7/30/1864, Crater
Martin, William W., Private

McDaniel, James, Private
McKeown, William C., Private
Morrow, Daniel S., Private
Moss, Noah W., Private
Moss, Robert H., Private
Moss, Thomas, Private
Moss, Wylie A., Private
Mullinax, Andrew Jackson, Private, KIA 7/30/1864, Crater
Mullinax, Rice, Private
Porter, Theodore, Private
Price, Thomas J., Private, KIA 9/17/1862, Sharpsburg
Ramsey, David W., Private
Ramsey, Elias, Private
Randall, J.W., Private
Randall, Robert H., Private, DOW 3/28/1864 Ft. Steadman
Sandifer, Andrew D., Private
Sandling, Andrew Didd, Private
Sherer, J.M., Private
Smith, A.T., Private, KIA 7/30/1864 Crater

Smith, Joseph Warren, Private, taken prisoner 12/14/1862 Kinston NC, DOW 1/9/1865 Elmira
Smith, William H., 1st Sergeant, taken prisoner 12/14/1862 Kinston NC
Sprouse, Josiah R., Private
Sprouse, William M., Private
Starnes, C.B., Sergeant
Starnes, Jacob, Pvt/Sgt
Thomas, W., Private
Turner, David, Private

Warlick, William H., Private
Webber, Benjamin, Private, KIA 7/30/1864, Crater
Webber, Casper K., Private, KIA 8/10/1864 Petersburg
Williams, D.M., Private, enlisted 5/17/1864, captured 4/3/1865 at Appomattox, sent to Hart's Island Prison NY 4/11/1865, took oath of allegiance 6/19/1865
Williams, James L., Private
Wishart, Joseph A., Private
Wisher,Jackson W., Private
Wisher, Joseph, Private, DIP 5/19/1865 Elmira

Wylie, John, Private

9/24/1862, From the Yorkville Enquirer:  The following are the casualties in Company C (in the 17th Regt., S.C. Vol.) from the District (York), additional to those heretofore published:
Capt. Witherspoon
Lt. J.P. Young
Sgt. Hambrick
Ash, R.L.
Mortally wounded:
C. Webber
Seriously wounded:
Capt. Witherspoon
Slightly wounded:
Lt. W. Moore
Lt. Mitchell
Sgt. Martin
Cpl. Brown
J. Young
F. Moore
W. Moore
T. Moore
W. Wallech
J. Hopper
J. Maner
J. McDaniel
F. Bridges
A.F. Ash
Thomas Hartness
T. Price
C. Archy
A. Mullinax
W. Sprouse
J. Sprouse
-Courtsey or Louise Pettus, Editor, The Quarterly, York County Genealogical & Historical Society.

CASUALTIES AT HEWLETT'S FARM AKA CLAY'S FARM VA. - The following appeared in the June 1, 1864 issue of the Yorkville Enquirer. Casualties in 17th Regiment SCV, in the battle of Hewlett's Farm, up to May 21, 1864.  Company C-Lieut. J.C. Saunders commanding
Wounded-Michael Dover, leg amputated
J. Childers, slightly in hand

(The battle of Petersburg March 25-April 2 1865, was Rober E. Lee’s last big battle. Outnumbered by Grant’s 115,000 troops to his 54,000, Lee was forced to evacuate Petersburg & the Confederate Capital, Richmond VA. York District troops were numerous at Petersburg & suffered heavy casualties. The following appeared in the Yorkville, Enquirer, April 5, 1865.) Company C:
Maj. J.W. Avery slightly
Lt. J.M. Morrow, in right hip severe
Sgt. W.H. Smith, in knee leg amputated
Sgt. W.T. Hartness, hand slight
Private Thomas Moss, shoulder severe
Private R. H. Randall, left breast severe.
-Courtesy of Louise Pettus, Editor of The Quarterly, York County Genealogical & Historical Society.

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