17th Infantry Co. E, South Carolina Volunteers

"Evan's Tramp Brigade"

This page contains a roster, casualites at Hewlett's Farm, Battle of Petersburg, and links to battles for the 17th. Please scroll down for all information.

Thomas Boyd Meacham, Capt./Surgeon Dropped 4/28/1862
John C. Holley, 1st Lt./Capt., DOD 6/18/1862
Edward R. Mills, Capt., retired 1/21/1865
Elijah Hyatt Cherry, Sgt/Capt., paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
E.M. Neely, Private/1st Lt., r. 3/9/1864
J.R. Moss, Private/2nd Lt/1st Lt.
H.R. Neely, Lt.
W.L.Robertson, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
Edward T. Avery, Bvt.2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
George C. Truesdell, Private/2nd Lt., paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox

Enlisted men:
Allen, John Zimri
, Private
Armstrong, Joel, Private, KIA 7/30/1864, Crater
Bailey, R.P., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Barber, W.A.
Barnes, W.T.
, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Barnett, David Franklin, Private/Surgeon
Barron, Samuel Watson, Corporal
Baxter, T.M., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Beamguard, S.C., Private, also listed as Bamgard, Samuel C.
Bigham, J.R., Private
Blalock, J.B., Private, wounded 6/30/1864 Petersburg, DOW 8/1/1864
Boggs, T.C., Private
Bowen, Nathaniel J., Private
Boyd, H.G., Private
Burns, Robert B., Private
Campbell, John, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Carothers, James Franklin, Private
Carothers, William Harper, Private
Cathcart, Joseph H., Private
Chambers, A.J., Private
Chambers, B.C., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Cherry, William J., Private
Childress, Josiah, Private, DOW 8/7/1862, Richmond VA
Choate, John Arthur, Private, 10/3/1864 Petersburg VA
Choate, J.G., Private
Choate, William, Private
Cook, Jethro G., Private, KIA 6/25/1864 Petersburg VA
Crenshaw, J.M., Private
Deese, George W., Private
Douglass, Gilbert Shaw, Private
Dunlap, John, Private
Dunlap, Wiliam Downing, Private
Epps, H., Private, died 7/31/1862 Richmond VA
Epps, Robert E., Private
Ewell, S.M., Private
Faris, James M., Private, KIA 9/17/1862, Sharpsburg
Faris, Jesse Isaac, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Farris, W.I., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Felts, H.J., Private, KIA 9/14/1862, South Mountain MD
Ferguson, E.H., Private
Fewell, Alexander Faulkner, Private
Fewell, Froney, Private
Fewell, John Alexander, Cpl., KIA 8/29/1862, 2nd Manassas VA
Finley, R., Private
Fulwood, R.H., 4th Corp.
Garrison, Isaac A., Private
Garrison, John N., Private
Garrison, Peter, Private
Garrison, Peter P. Jr.
Garrison, Sylvanus C.
, Private
Garrison, Thomas D., Private
Garrison, Zenus A., Private
Goulden, John, 3rd Sgt.
Harper, John C., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Harris, Hugh C., Private
Hogue, J.J., Private
Hogue, James A., Private
Hogue, Wiliam H., Private, 8/7/1864 fell off trench wall, and died at the hospital in Petersburg  Petersburg VA
Holly, J.C., Private
Jackson, D.R., Private
Jackson, J.J., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Johnson, S.L., Private/Corp, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Johnston, Franklin H., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Johnston, James D., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Jones, F.C., Private
Jones, John C., Private/Corp/Sgt.
Jones, W.B., Private
Jones, William Isaac, Private
Jordan, R.H., Private
Kendrick, James M., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Leach, W., shown on roster of  Elmira Prision
May, R.T., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
McElwain, Charles, Private, DIP 1865
McElwee, S.A., Private/Lt.
McElwee, William Wright, Private
McKenan, J.J., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Meadows, J.A., Private, KIA 7/30/1864 Crater VA
Merritt, Robert Nevall, Corp., KIA 7/30/1864 Crater VA
Merritt, William Harvey, Private, KIA 5/20/1864 Clay's Farm VA
Milling, George William, Private
Mitchell, James Thomas, Private
Mitchell, William R., Private
Morrison, J. Robert, Private
Morse, J.R., Private
Neely, Elias M., Private
Parrott, Jesse, Private
Parrott, William J., Private, KIA 7/28/1864, Petersburg VA.
Partlow, Doctor Randolph, Private
Patton, R. Franklin, Private, KIA 9/14/1862 South Mountain MD, also served 1st SC Cavalry Co. H
Pierce, Leroy R., Private
Poag, B., Private
Poag, G.W., Private
Poag, Hackett, Private
Poag, James Chauncey, Private
Poag, James Monroe, Private
Poag, J.S., Private
Poag, John Minor, 4th Cpl., KIA 5/20/1864 Clay's Farm VA
Poag, W.C., Private
Poovey, Duncan McCallum, Private
Poovey, William Pinkney, Private
Rawlinson, John M., 2nd Corp.
Sadler, John S., Private
Starnes, Rufus P., Private
Starnes, Thomas A., Private
Starr, Eilliam Stewart, Private
Steele, Joseph White, Private
Stewart, A., Private
Story, Napoleon, Private
Thomasson, C.M., Sergeant
Thomasson, David Watson, Private
Thomasson, James N., Private
Turner, George M., Private
Wallace, J.R., 1st Sgt.
Wallace, James Adams, Sergeant
Ward, W.H., Private, KIA (head shot off) 3/25/1864 Petersburg VA
Waters, William J., Private
Wells, F.C., Private
Wells, D.Z., Private
Wilburn, Ward, Private, KIA Petersburg VA
Williams, C. Knox, Private
Williams, Leroy, Private
Wilson, J.R., Private
Wilson, Robert, Private
Wilson, W.H., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Wood, John, Private
Workman, Reese W., 5th Sgt. Color
Wylie, William, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Youngblood, Orin Nelson, Private

The following appeared in the June 1, 1864 issue of the Yorkville Enquier. Casualties in the 17th Regiment SCV, in the battle of Hewlett's Farm, up to May 21, 1864.
Company E-Lt. Neely commanding:
Killed, Corporal Minor Poag

(The battle of Petersburg March 25-April 2 1865, was Robert E. Lee’s last big battle. Outnumbered by Grant’s 115,000 troops to his 54,000, Lee was forced to evacuate Petersburg & the Confederate Capital, Richmond VA. York District troops were numerous at Petersburg & suffered heavy casualties. The following appeared in the Yorkville, Enquirer, April 5, 1865.) Company E, 17th Regiment:
Pvt. W.H. Ward, head shot off

Private Robert Burns, left leg severe
G.I. Faris, in back severe
William Cherry, contusion in right leg
Corporal J.V. Choat, contusion in left side
J.F. Campbell, contusion in right leg

Sgt. L.R. Williams
Cpl. S.G. Poag
Private John Allen
Private J.C. Campbell
Private J.H. Cathcart
Private J.F. Carothers
Private S.M. Choat
Private William Choat
Private G.W. Deas
Private W. D. Dunlap
Private P. Garrison
Private J.J. Garrison
Private J.C. Harris
Private W.J. Jones
Private C. McIlwain
Private L. Pierce
Private J.R. Wilson
-Courtesy of Louise Pettus, Editor The Quarterly, York County Genealogical & Historical Society.

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