17th Infantry Co. F, South Carolina Volunteers

"Evan's Tramp Brigade"


This page contains a roster, list of casualties at Groveton & Manassas, Hewlett's Farm, and the Battle of Petersburg. Please scroll down for all items.

Wilson, William B.,Captain
Moore, Eli P.,Captain (scroll to bottom of page for biography)
Moore, William S.,Capt.
Avery, John W.,1st Lt./Major
Lowry, Samuel Cosmo, Corporal/Bvt.Lieut.
Logan, David J., 2nd Lt., died 6/18/1864
Williams, C.K., 2nd Lt., paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Whisonant, R.H.,3rd Lt.
Moore, E.P., 3rd Lt.

Enlisted men:
Anthony, S.H., Private
Banks, Noah, Private
Beamguard, Samuel Wesley, Private, DOD 4/12/1862 Camp John's Island SC
Beheler, Andrew, Private, maybe the same as A. Boheler & A.J. Beheler
Beheler, A.J., Private, POW POW 7/30/1864, maybe the same as Andrew Beheler & J. Beheler
Beheler, Henry, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Beheler, J., Private, DIP 9/1/1864 Elmira, buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, may be the same as Andrew Beheler
Beheler, William T., Private, see W.T. Boheler
Belot, E.
, died 11/11/1862 buried
Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, VA
Bias, Noah, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Boheler, A., Private
Boheler, W.T., Private
Bridges, E. H., Private
Bridges, Fletcher Hamilton, Private
Burns, J.P.,Private
Byers, A.L., Private
Byers, William Bolivar, Private
Caldwell, James Meek
Caldwell, John
, Private
Caldwell, John Mushat, Private
Caldwell, Robert Pinckney, Private, KIA 3/1865 Petersburg VA.
Caldwell, W.M., 2nd Corp., KIA 3/27/1865 Petersburg VA
Caldwell, William, Private KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas VA
Carroll, Gustavus E., Private
Carroll, Thomas, Private
Carroll, Wash H., Private
Carson, Edward, Private,
Caveny, J.P., Private/Sergeant
Caveny, R.L., Private
Collins, J., Private
Clark, J.J., Private, KIA 7/2/1864, Petersburg VA.
Clark, William H., Private, DOW 9/14/1862 South Mountain MD
Craig, G.W., Private, KIA 8/21/1864, Petersburg VA.
Craig, George, Private
Currence, D.A., Private,
DIP 5/8/1865 Point Lookout
Dameron, William W., Private
Davidson, W.W., Private
Davison, James W.Y., Private
Deerer, Marcus, DOW 5/13/1865 City Point VA,
Buried City Point Cemetery
Dixon, J.H., Private
Downey, E.J., Private/Sergeant
Dover, Asa G., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Daver, D., Private
Dover, Felix, Private
Downy, E.J., Private
Downy, J.W., Private
Dunnovant, William, Private
Feemster, Elijah Given, Sergeant
Feemster, Joseph Edward, Private
Feemster, Samuel Mason, Private
Gallagher, Samuel A., Private
Garvin, J.J., Jr., Private, DOD 7/25/1864 at home
Garvin, James J., Sr, Private
Goforth, John H., Private
Green, Jerry, Private
Guntharp, Osborn R., Private/Lt.
Hambright, Joseph S., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomatox
Hampton, J.J., Private
Hayes, J.J., Private
Hayes, Robert, Corp.
Hayes, William A., Private
Hetherington, J.M., Private
Hill, J.F., Private
Hope, J. Meek, Private/Corporal, DOD in the hospital at Florence SC 5/6/1864
Hopperfield, F., Private
Hughes, T.S., Private
Hullender, A.A., Private
Hullender, N., Private
Hutto, Charles, Private,
POW Hart's Island DIP 6/23/1865,  Buried Cypress Cemetery
Jackson, S.W., Sergeant, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Jefferies, Anderson Smith, Private
Jones, Dudley, Private
Kirkpatrick, J.C., Private/Corporal
Latham, James G., Private/Corporal
Latham, J.W., Private
Latham, R., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Logan, James Scott, Body Servant
Love, J.L., Private
Martin, James, Private
Martin, Perry, 2nd Sgt./Private
Martin, Thomas, Private
Martin, William, Private, KIA 5/20/1864, Clay's Farm AKA Hewlett's Farm VA
McClain, Jonathan E., Private, KIA 8/29/1864, Battle at Groveton VA
McConnell, R., 2nd Corp.
McLean, James, Private
McLean, R., Private
Metts, Walter Boylston, Commissary/Orderly Sgt./A.C.S.
Mitchell, W.H., Private/Sergeant
Molholland, Robert, Private
Moore, Blanton, Private
Moore, G.M., Private
Moore, George Washington, Private
Moore, J. Law, 4th Corp.
Moore, William Augustus, 1st Corp.
Moorehouse, George L., Private
Moser, J.C., Private
Moss, W.V., Private
Mullinax, John G., Private, DOD at Camp Lee SC
Mullinax, P.S., Private
Murphy, J.G., Private
Neeland, Abraham, Private, KIA 8/29/1862, 2nd Manassas
Owens, R.G., Private
Parker, J.L., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Parker, R.G., Private
Parker, W.A., Private, KIA 8/29/1862, Battle of Groveton VA
Plaxico, James Marion, Private
Plaxico, Joseph Leander, Private
Pollard, J.A., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Pollard, William C., Private, KIA 7/30/1864, Battle of the Crater
Rainey, J.L., Private
Randall, Martin Luther, 3rd Sgt./Private
Randall, R.S., Private/Sergeant
Roberts, Ruben F., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Roberts, Samuel, Private
Sapoch, Jacob, Private, KIA 9/14/1862, Battle of South Mountain
Sapoch, Joseph, Private
Sapoch, Noah, Private, KIA 7/30/1864, Battle of the Crater
Sapoch, Philip, Private
Seapock, Jacob, Private
Seapock, Joseph, Private
Sexton, Joseph, Private
Scales, M., Private
Scates, Joseph, Private
Scates, M., Private
Sherer, J.M., Private
Sherer, Hugh Hicklin, Private, wounded in left arm
Sherer, Robert Walker, Private
Sherer, R.F., paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Sherer, William Burris, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Smith, Charles Frank, Private
Steward, Frank, Private
Steward, Robert S., Private
Stewart, Eli Ross, Private
Sweeny, J.M., Private
Thomas, Alexander, Private
Thomas, Fleming, Private
Thomas Frank L.
Tipping, T.S.
, Private,Shown onElmira Prision Roster
Turner, James P., Private, DIP 6/17/1865 Pt. Lookout Prison MD
Wallace, J.A., Private
Wallace, Oscar L., Private, KIA 8/30/1862, Battle of 2nd Manassas
Weaver, John, Private
Whisonant, P.H., Private, DOW 8/1/1864, Battle of the Crater
White, G.W., Private
Whitesides, William Ross, Private, wounded at Petersburg, paroled 5/16/1865 Point Lookout
Wilkerson, John S., Private
Williams, Daniel C., Sgt.
Williams, J.L., Private
Wilson, George, Private
Wilson, Pinckney S., Private
Withers, Richard Jefferson, Corporal

Casualties at Groveton & Manassas
The 29th & 30th of August 1862 were devastating for the York District. A large number of casualties occurred in the battle of Groveton on the 29th and on the 29th & 30th at the Second Battle of Manassas (the Union name for the battle was Bull Run). The Yorkville Enquirer, the only newspaper in the district, had no correspondent on the scene and depended on individual soldiers to collect the information and forward it to the paper. The Yorkville Enquirer printed the bad news on 9/10/1862. Casualties in Co. F (Capt. Avery), 17th Regt, S.C. Volunteers in the Battle of Groveton, Friday the 29th of August.
Wallace, O.L.
, Private
Parker, W.A., Private
McClain, Jonathan, Private
Logan, D.J.
, 1st Lt., serious;
Moore, E.P., Lt., leg:
Gunthrop, R.C., 1st Sgt., both thighs, flesh;
Dunovant, William, 5th Sgt., flesh arm;
Lowry, S.C., flesh, thigh;
Hethrington, J.E., breast, serious;
Garvin, James, 2 fingers off;
Moore, G.W., 1 finger off;
Hays, Robert, in hip slight;
Green, Jerry, in head slight;
Dover, A., arm broken;
Seapock, Joseph, in shoulder;
Martin, William, leg flesh;
Moser, J.C., through hand & leg severe;
Roberts, Samuel, shoulder slight;
Latham, James, hip slight;
Wilkerson, J., slight;
Roberts, Reuben, in breast, not severe.
Gen. Evan’s Brigade is nearly annihilated. J.W.Avery, Capt. Reporting.

The following appeared in the June 1, 1864 issue of the Yorkville Enquirer: Casualties in the 17th Regiment SCV, in the battle of Hewlett's Farm, up to May 21, 1864.
Company F-Lieut. D.J. Logan commanding (Capt. Avery acting Major):
Killed- Pvt. William Martin.
Wounded-Lieut. W.S. Moore, seriously
Privates William Dixon and R.S. Randall, slightly

(The battle of Petersburg March 25-April 2 1865, was Robert E. Lee’s last big battle. Outnumbered by Grant’s 115,000 troops to his 54,000, Lee was forced to evacuate Petersburg & the Confederate Capital, Richmond VA. York District troops were numerous at Petersburg & suffered heavy casualties. The following appeared in the Yorkville, Enquirer, April 5, 1865.)
Wounded: Private W.M. Caldwell, severe;
John Caldwell, severe: P. Seapock, slight; J.S. Hambright, severe in head.
Missing: Lt. O.R. Guntharp; Sgt. W.H. Mitchell, J.G. Latherm, Cpl. R.J. Withers: Privates W. T. Boheler (wounded), E. Bridges, F.H. Bridges, T. Carroll, W.H. Carroll, J.W. Downy, N. Hullender, J.F. Hill, James Martin, Thomas Martin, G.M. Moore, G. L. Moorehouse (severly wounded), W.V. Moss, R.G. Parker, James M. Plexico, Joseph Seapock, J.P. Turner, G.W. White (wounded severely), J.A. Wallace, supposed to be wounded.

-Courtesy of Louise Pettus, Editor The Quarterly, York County Genealogical & Historical Society.

Captain Eli Peyton Moore:
After months of failing health, the summons came suddenly to Capt. E.P. Moore, of Chester, SC, on July 14, 1911, and his passing was most peaceful. He was born at what is now Rock Hill SC, on 5/15/1837, but had spent most of his life in York & Chester Counties and at Morganton, NC and was married in York Co. to Miss Lizzie Neely in 1858.
When the war broke out, Captain Moore enlisted with the 17th SC Infantry, Co. F, serving with valor and fidelity until wounded in the leg, in the battle of Second Manassas. Recovering from this wound, though incapacitated for further service in the infantry, he enlisted in the Beaufort Artillery, and served with that command until the surrender.
His second wife was Miss Anne Wylie, of Chester. He is survived by his wife, her two sons, and the three sons of the first marriage. Captain Moore was a splendid type of citizen, prominently identified with Church work. He was kind and hospitable, and his cheery presence will be missed in his community.
-From the Confederate Veteran Magazine 1911

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