17th Infantry Co. G, South Carolina Volunteers

"Evan's Tramp Brigade"


Kearse, George H., Captain
Kearse, H.J., Captain., dropped 4/28/1862
Dickinson, William J., Captain, retired 8/3/1864
Roat, Martin H., 1st Lt.
Brabham,R.C., 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
Dickinson, Josiah, 2nd Lt.

All, A.E, Private, DOD
Augley, A.M., Private, DOD 12/18/1862 Goldsboro NC
Augley, George H., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Barker, J.C., Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Barnes, J.J., Private
Bartels, William A, Corporal
Bass, Edmon, Private, KIA 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg
Bass, H.E., Private, KIA 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg
Bass, William, Private
Bassert, W.S., Private
Bassett, Simpson, Private, DOD Johns Island, SC
Baylers, Jefferson, Private
Bazzel, R.I., Private
Bazzel, Richard I., Private
Beasley, B., Private
Beasley, Robert, Private
Beasley, R., Private
Berry, John, Private
Bishop, Adam, Private
Bishop, William J., Sergeant
Blackwell, W.E., Private
Blackwood, F.A., Private
Brant, G.M., Private
Brant, George M., Private
Brant, John, Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Brant, L.R., Private
Brant, W.A., Corporal
Brant, William J., Private, KIA 7/30/1864 The Crater
Breland, David, E., Sergeant
Breland, J.F., Private
Brown, C.K., Sergeant
Brown, C.W., Sergeant
Brown, James A., Corporal
Brown, Vinson, Private
Brown, William F., Private
Brunson, C.H., Corporal, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Brunson, E.H., Corporal
Cave, W.T., Private
Chassereau, George C., Private, KIA 7/30/1864 The Crater
Chassereau, J.F., Private
Chassereau, John, Private
Chassereau, John M., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Chassereau, J.W., Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Chittey, Leonard S., Private
Coleman, E.A., Private
Copeland, J.D., Private
Copeland, J.H., Private, Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Copeland, J.L., Private
Copeland, John S., Private
Deason, Richard, Private, DOD Johns Island, SC
Deason, Thomas, Private, Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Dickerson, G.H., Sergeant
Dickerson,W.J., Captain
Dickinson, F.H., Sergeant
Dickinson, Josiah, 2nd Lieut.
Dickinson, William J., Captain
Dorkins, W.C., Private, DIP 9/4/1864 Elmira
Dyches, Carry, Private
Dyches, D.D., Private
Edenfield, S.M., Private
Fields, Janos, Private
Furgerson, James, Private
Futch, David, Private,1/8/1865 Petersburg, VA
Gibson, J.J., Private
Goodson, George W., Sergeant
Goodson, Henry M., Private
Googe, W.H., Private
Harrison, W.D., Orderly Sergeant
Harrison, W.G., Orderly Sergeant
Harrison, W.H., Private
Harrison, William G., Orderly Sergeant
Harter, F.A., Private
Harvey, A.G., Private
Harvey, A.J., Private, DIP 3/25/1865, Buried Cypress Cemetery
Harvey, J.W., Private
Harvey, Jefferson, Private
Harvey, W.J., Private
Henderson, George, Private
Henderson, George H., Private
Hiers, M.H., Sergeant
Hoover, D.M., Corporal
Hoover, David M., Corporal
Ihley, J.L, Private, DOD
Jones, E.L., Private
Jones, J.F., Private
Kearse, George H., Captain
Kearse, H.J., Captain
Kearse, J.W., Captain
Kearse, O.P., Private
Kearse, Oliver P., Private
Kearse, W.G., Private
Kease, B.J., Private
Kersey, G.H., Captain
Kinard, G.T., Corporal
Kinard, George D., Sergeant
Kinard, George F., Corporal
Kinard, J.A., Corporal, DOW
Kinard, M.D., Corporal, DOD Johns Island, SC
Kirkland, R.M., Private
Latham, James, Private
Latham, R.T., Private
Lathan, J.G., Sergeant
Lathan, R.F., Private
Love, J.L, Private
Lowe, R.H., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Mallard, James, Private
Manuel, John, Private
Manuel, Milford, Private
Manuel, William J., Private
Morgan, William, Private
Pelham, James F., Private
Pellam, J.F., Private
Pellum, James F., Private
Puister, Ephraim, Private
Puister, William, 1st Sergeant
Reeves, C.B., POW Hart's Island
Rentz, Isaac, Private, DOW 9/27/1861
Rentz, Uzziah, Private
Rentz, W., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Rhoden, Thomas A., Sergeant
Ritter, H.B., Private
Rodt, Martin H., 1st Lieut.
Rodts, H.M., 1st Lieut.
Rush, R.H., Private, DOW Lincoln G.H., DC
Rush, S.H., Private
Rush, Sim H., Private
Schnyder, W.G., Corporal
Schnyder, W.P., Corporal
Sease, Miles, Private
Slell, L, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Snelling, William, Private
Snider, W.P., Corporal
Son, H.R., Private
Sone, H.R., Private
Weaver, Anderson, Private
Weaver, J.A., Private
Webber, A.L., Private
Williams, A.C., Private
Williams, G.W., Private
Williams, George P., Private
Williams, H., Private, died 9/27.1864 Richmond, VA
Williams, J.W., Private
Williams, Nelson, Private
Wylie, William, Sergeant

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