18th Infantry Co. F, SCV

Eighteenth South Carolina Infantry
Company F
Spartanburg & Union & York Counties

J. Felix Walker, Capt., wounded 2nd Manassas, DOW 9/10/1862, buried at Manassas Cemetery
Goodman, Jeffries, Capt.
William L. Goudelock, 1st Lt, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
A. Frank Smith, 2nd Lt, retired  8/8/1862
David Belton Free, 2nd Lt.
John W. Foster, 2nd Lt, KIA 7/30/1864 Crater
Smith Lipscomb, 2nd Lt., paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox

Beam, Samuel M., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Bean, S.M., Private
Bentley, Anthony G., Sergeant
Bentley, S.C., Sergeant
Bently, A.G., Sergeant
Black, John, Private, DOD8/15/1862 Charleston SC
Blackwell, A., Private
Block, John, Private
Bowling, Boldwell B., Private
Briant, A.T., Private
Brown, C.F., Private
Brown, Calvin, Private
Brown, Edward, Private, also served 6th SC Cavalry
Brown, Edwin, Private
Brown, J.J., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Brown, Joseph, Private
Brown, Lemuel, Private
Bryant, A.G., Private
Bullington, William M., Private
Burgess, L.J., Private
Byars, A.D., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Byars, Jackson, Private, DOD 3/4/1862 Charleston SC
Byars, Joseph, Private
Byars, Peter R., Private
Byars, William, Sergeant
Byers, Amos D., Private
Byers, James, Private
Byers, Joseph, Privagte
Byers, William, Sergeant
Campbell, A.P., Adjutant Surgeon
Childers, R.C., Privagte
Childers, Richmond, Private
Childers, William, Private
Clary, Stephen, Private
Cleary, Green, Private
Cleary, Stephen, Private, DOD 7/7/1862 Charleston SC
Cockrell, Elijah, Private
Cook, Smith, Private, DOD 10/15/1862 Virginia
Crocker, John, Private
Darwin, Dallas, Private
Dover, Willis, Private
Duncan, John, Private
Estes, McIver, Private DOD 8/29/1862 Virginia
Estes, William C.,Private
Estes, William E., Private
Estridge,W.C., Private
Foster, C.C., Corporal
Foster, W.P., Private
Foster, William G., Private, DOD 9/9/1862 Richmond VA
Fowler, A., Private
Fowler, Bryant, Private
Fowler, F., Private
Fowler, Israel, Private
Fowler, John, Private, DIP 5/25/1865 Newport News VA
Fowler, Marcus, Private
Fowler, Newton F., Private, DIP 8/31/1864 Elmira
Fowler, Richard, Private
Galliner, Daniel S., Corporal
Gallman, Daniel F., Corporal
Gault, Joseph G.,Private
George, William, Private
Gregory, Jackson, Private
Gregory, Robert, Private
Gregory, R.F., Private, DOD 9/12/1862 Lynchburg VA,  Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VA
Hammet, Julius, Private
Hammett, J.S., Private
Hammitt, J.S., Private
Harris, Charles, Private, DOD 10/12/1862 Virginia
Harris, W.C., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Hartford, George T., Corporal, KIA 7/2/1863 Petersburg
Hinkle, David, Private
Holmes, B.F., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Holmes, William G., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Honey, C.G.,Private
Howell, Darwin, Private
Howell, Darwin G., Private
Howell, W.W., Private
Huskey, L.D., Private
Huskey, Lorenzo D., Private
James, A.A., Chaplain
James, R.A., Chaplain
Jefferies, B., Private
Jefferies, Goodman, Captain
Jefferies, William, Private
Jeffres, Burrel, Private
Jeffres, Goodman, Captain
Jenkins, R.G., Private
Jones, Columbus, Private, wounded 7/30/1864 Crater, DOW 8/15/1864 Petersburg
Kelly, Jamerson G., Corporal
Kerby, Able, Private
Kerby, Newton, Private
Kirby, Abel, Private
Kirby, N.M.,Private
Kirby, Newton, Private
Knight, J.G., Private
Koon,Andrew, Private
Koon, G.B., Private
Kurby, N., Private
Lamb, Jesse, Assistant Surgeon
Lipscomb, Edward J., Private
Lipscomb, Henry, Sergeant
Lipscomb, Hiram, Sergeant, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Lipscomb, James M., Private
Lipscomb, John J., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Lipscomb, Monroe, Private
Lipscomb, Nathan, Private
Lipscomb, B. 2nd Lieut.
Lipscomb, William R., Private
Lipscomb, William S., Private
Littlejohn, Henry, Private
Littlejohn, T.D., Private
Littlejohn, Thomas, Private
Littlejohn, W.T., Private
Lynn, Matthew, S., Sergeant
Macomson, G.W., Private
Macomson, George, Private
Manning, Thomas N., Private
McCormick, Samuel, Adjutant
McCulloch, John, 2nd Lieut.
Messer, Thomas, Private
Millwood, Jefferson, Private
Mohead, William G., Sergeant
Moore, J.H., Private
Moore, Maurice A., Private
Moorehead, William G., Sergeant, killed in a railroad accident 8/7/1863 Montgomert AL
Moss, Barnett, Private
Mott, J.S., Private
Mott, James, Private
Mulinax, Wright, Private
Mullenix, Haston, Private
Mullenix, Jackson, Private
Mullenis, Joseph, Private
Mullenix, Washington, Private
Mullinax, A.J., Private
Mullinax, A.J., Private
Mullinax, Alexander, Private
Mullinax, Andrew J., Private
Mullinax, G.W., Private
Mullinax, Huston, Private, DOD 1/21/1863Kingston NC
Mullinax, J.W., Private
Mullinax, Jackson, Private
Mullinax, James, Private, DOD 2/5/1862 Charleston SC
Mullinax, Joseph, Private, DOW 6/1/1864 Petersburg
Mullinax, Leander, Private
Mullinax, Washington, Private
Mulling, John, Private
Mullinox, J. W., Private
Mullinox, James, Private
Mullinox, Leander, Private
Munroe, William, 1st Lieutenant & Adjutant
Murphy, Evans J., Private
Night, Hospital Steward
Nott, T.E., Asst. Surgeon
Owens, John W., Private
Patrick, Isaac, Private
Patrick, J.F., Private
Patrick, J.G., Private
Patrick, Jasper, Private, DOD 7/18/1862 Charleston SC
Patrick, Robert, Private
Patrick, Robert C., Private, DIP 2/5/1865 Elmira
Patrick, Thomas, Sergeant
Peterson, Benjamin, Private, POW Hart's Island
Peterson, J.F., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Peterson, Robert, Private
Peterson, Thomas F.,Private
Philips, P.D., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Phillips, James S., Sergeant
Phillips, P.D., Private
Plaxico, H.N., Private, DOW 8/24/1864 Petersburg
Playdes, W., died Petersburg
Porter Frances M., Private, DOD 7/28/1862 Richmond VA
Porter, J.M., Private, died 7/28/1862 Petersburg
Porter, S.P., Corporal
Porter, Samuel, Corporal
Pridmore, Jacob C., Private
Pridmore, Madison, Private
Pridmore, M.R., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Pridmore, R.M., Private
Ramsey, A.P., Private
Ramsey, David W., Private
Ramsey, Jackson, Private
Ramsey, Whitaker, Private
Ramsy, A.P., Private
Ramsy, David, Private
Ramsy, Jackson, Private
Ramsy, Whitaker, Private
Reynolds, William F Jr.., Private, DOD 8/10/1864 Petersburg
Rogers, William F., Private
Ross, F.J., Private
Runnels, William, Private
Sanders, B.F., Private
Sarrat, Adolphus L., Private, DOD at home
Scott, Capere, Private
Smith, A.F., 2nd Lieut.
Smith, A.S., 3rd Lieut.
Smith, David, Private
Smith, David H., Private
Smith, H.E., Private
Smith, Joseph, Private
Smith, Signal N., Corporal
Smith, W.M., Private
Smith, William, Private
Sprouse, William, Private
StJohn, Thomas T., Private
Stroup, James, Private
Tate, Erostus, Private
Tate, Henry, Private
Tate, John O, Private
Tollerson, James B., Private
Tollerson, R.M., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Tolleson, James B., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Tolleson, R.M., Private
Townsen, A.H., Private
Townsend, Amos, Private
Vaughan, W.C., Private
Vaughn, H.C., Private
Vaughn, W.C., Private
Vogt, D.A., Asst. Surgeon
Webster, J.R., Private
Webster, John,Private
Weir, James R., Private
Wilborne, Jefferson, Private
Williams, John J., Sergeant
Williams, R.R., Private
Wood, Marcus, Private
Wood, William, Private
Wright, Harvey, Private
Wright, Henry, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Wright, Joseph H., Private
Wright, W.T., Private
Wright, Wesley, Private, died 3/25/1864  Weldon NC

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