Captain Charles Banks Company, War of 1812

Roster of Captain Charles Bank's Company
of Tuckers's Regiment
South Carolina Militia
War of 1812

Amick, Adam (aka Adam Fulmer)
Baker, Martin, Private
Banks, Charles, Captain
Berong, Hennery
Boland, George, Private
Cannon, Samuel, Major
Cogle, Matthias, Corporal
Derrick, Andrew, Private
Derrick, John, Private
Downs, James, Corporal
Downes, Thomas, Private
Ellisser, John Sr.
Ellisser, John Jr.
Fulmer, Adam (aka Adam Amick), Private
Fulmer, Mathias, Private
Fulmer, Michael, Private
Gabel, George, Private
Hawkins, Charles
Highler, Gabriel (Hyler?), Private
Hollinshead, James
Holley, James, Private
Hotman, Hennery
Kelly, Fried (AKA Frederick Kelley)
Jackson, Jacob
Koon, Samuel, Sergeant
Koon, Jacob, Corporal
Long, John, Private
Metts, Joseph (AKA Metz)
Nichols, John
Owens, Samuel, Sergant
Pool, Jacob
Quartermus, Patrick
Risers, Adam
Roberts, Richard
Seastruck, Samuel
Segler, William
Simons, Samuel (AKA Saml or Saul)
Souters, Jacob (AKA Souter)
Turner, James, Sergant
Weed, John
West, Alexander, Corporal
Wood, John, Sergeant
Younginger, John (AKA John Younger)
Younginer, Mathias

This roster was compiled from an article appearing in "The Dispatch Newspaper", Lexington SC, May 20, 1965 and was donated by James L. Shotts,

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