Captain Quattlebaum's Company, South Carolina Militia, War of 1812

Roster of Captain John Quattlebaum's Company
of Rowe's Regiment
South Carolina Militia
War of 1812

Able, Ezekiel, Private
Adams, Anthony, Private
Adams, William, Private
Altman, Thomas, Private
Aylor, Baltus, Private
Booser, Hennery, Private
Butler, Robert, Private
Butler, Thomas, Private
Clemmons, William, Private
Combaa, Stephen, Private
Cook, Daniel, Private
Cook, David, Private
Edens, James, Private
Edens, William, Private
Edins, John, Private
Fry, Abraham, Private
Fulmer, John, Private
Gable, Hennery, Private
Gable, Jacob, Private
Gartman, Thomas, Private
Geiger, Abraham, Private
Hendrix, David, Private
Hendrix, Hennery, Private
Horsey, John, Sergeant
Howard, William, Private
Hutto, Benjamin, Private
Hutto, George, Private
Jackson, Arther, Private
Jackson, Jacob, Private
Jenkins, James H., Private
Keisler, George, Private
Keisler, Jacob, Private
Keisler, John, Private (Kyser?)
Lites, Michael, Private
Livingston, Hennery, Corporal
Lybrand, Joseph, Private
Mann, Gilbert, Private
McQueen, James, Private
Neese, Jacob, Private
Nelson, Ely, V. Sergeant
Oswald, Jacob, Private
Oswalt, Michael, Private
Parmer, Allen, Private
Prater, Hezekiah, Corporal
Pritchett, William, Private
Quattlebaum, John, Captain
Rall, Christian, Sergant
Rall, Frederick, Private
Rankin, William, Private
Ratliff, Joseph, Private
Ratliff, Richard, Private
Reedy, Matthew, Private
Seastrunk, Emanuel, Private
Shots, David, Private
Singley, Frederick, Corporal
Smith, Stephen, Sergeant
Smithart, James, Private
Snyder, Mathias, Private
Spyers, Francis, Private
Stokes, Lewis, Lieut.
Taylor, Elijah, Private
Taylor, William, Private
Weeks, James, Private
Wilkinson, James, Private
Williams, Daniel, Private
Williams, Holloway, Private
Williams, Joseph, Private
Williams, Thomas S., Corporal
Williams, William, Sergeant
Wilson, Joel, Private
Wise, John, Private
Wise, Michael, Sergeant
Wood, Stephen, Private
Young, Hennery, Private

This roster was compiled from an article appearing in "The Dispatch Newspaper", Lexington SC, May 20, 1965 and was donated by James L. Shotts,

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