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Eliza Crawford,Wanzo(Blunt)Blount & Charles Gormillion

I am the great granddaughter and i'm looking for long lost relatives of the Crawford, Blount & Gormillion Family, here is what i have so far. Eliza, whom is my Great Grandmother, her parents were Birth & Sarah Crawford, they were married living in Aiken, South Carolina (Hammond Township) June 14, 1880. Birth said he and his parents were born in Georgia. They had five daughters Henrietta, Eliza, Patience, Lula and Celestia. On June 19, 1900 Birth & Sarah being married for 38 years, still living in Aiken, South Carolina, two daughters, Mary L. & Celeste living with them along with one Granddaughter Annie and four grandsons George Jr., Wanzer Jr., Burtha, Marion, Frank & Jim who were twins. On April 16,1910 Berth remarried, Mary Thomas, after his first wife Sarah died. Berth & Mary were married 4 years and living in there home was one daughter from they first marriage was Lessie. Mary had a daughter Emily who was 1 year and 4 months, Mary also has a son Phil bonum who was 6 years old from a previous relationship.

On June 12, 1880 Pleasant & Sarah Blunt lived in Aiken, South Carolina (Hammond Township) their children were Dianna, Wanzo, Julia, Mary, Martha & Pleasant Jr.

Eliza Crawford & Wanzo Blunt married and had three children Wazer(Wanzo)Jr., Cora and George Pleasant.

Eliza then married Charles Gormillion in 1890, which was Charles third marriage. On June 9, 1900 Eliza & Charles Gormillion were living in Aiken, South Carolina (Hammond Township) with five of there children Elen(Ellen), Inez, Mattie, Cleveland & Mary B. On May 9, 1910, Eliza & Charles now married 25 years and still lived in Aiken, South Carolina with with five of their children Cleveland, Mary Bell, Maggie, Charlie Jr. & Hayward. Also living in they home was Eliza's Granddaughters from her son George P. they were Hattie B. Blount & Anna E. Blount. On January 12, 1920 Cleveland Gormillion, the son of Charles & Eliza, married Viola. Living in there home was their two sons Henry & Charlie. Cleveland's sister Maggie and their mother who is now widowed Eliza.

If you have any information to help fill in some of these gaps please contact me thank you.

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