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Anspachs & Others - Surnames include: Anspach (all variations, including Anspaugh, Auspach, Alspach, etc), Williamson, Tinkler, Israel, Reed, Mann, Leffler, Talkington, Foster, Henderson, Colclasure, Deem, Parkison, White, and many more!

Descendants of John George Anspaugh - Surnames include: Anspach/Anspaugh, Coats, Hine, Johnson, Robinett

Tinkler Trees - Surnames include: Tinkler, Littrell/Luttrell, Grant, Pashon, Tripp, Toliver, Torter, Stanford, Stowers, Spangler, Daniels, Milburn, Donoho, and many more!

Williamson & Michael - Surnames include: Williamson, Bond, Haney, Michael(s), Turner, Littrell/Luttrell, Donoho, Sundberg, Jones, Jourdan, Eddings, Heflin, and many more!

Pashon Descendants - Surnames include: Pashon, Tinkler, Stowers, Littrell/Luttrell, Grant, Tripp, Toliver, Torter, Stanford, Stowers, Spangler, Daniels, Milburn, Donoho, and many more!

White Lines - Surnames include: White, Anspach, Greer/Greear, Butts, Lacey, Landreth, Heflin, and many more!

Grear/Greear Groups - Descendants of John R. Grear & Nancy Craig -Surnames include: Baker, Beck, Blackwell, Burgess, Clark, Crane, Dail, Grear, Greear, Haybold, Jenkins, King, Kowalczyk, Kyle, Lindsey, O'Dell, Persinger, Phillbeck, Phillips, Reed, Reila, Webster, Wells, White

Marion County, Illinios Cemeteries

Wham Hill Cemetery and Haines Township Information

Thanks to Richard Wham!

Bell Cemetery, Haines Twp., Marion Co.,IL.(Campbell, Haney, Heflin, Littrell/Luttrell, Payne, Price, Thomas, Tinkler, White, Williamson)
Palestine Cemetery, Romine Twp., Marion Co., IL .(Ball, Luttrell, Spangler, Stanford, Stonecipher, Tinkler, Williamson)
Robinson Cemetery, Iuka Twp., Marion Co.,IL. Pictures(Tinkler & Luttrell)
SNOW HILL CEMETERY, Section 31a Iuka Twp., Marion Co., Illinois (Anspach, Brewer, Sinclair, Porter, Hill)
Wham Hill Cemetery - Sec. 9, Haines Twp., Marion Co.,IL (Luttrell, Wham)
Elder Cemetery - Meacham Twp., Marion Co.,IL.(Bullard, Butts, Courson, Pickel, White)
Wooley - New Liberty Cemetery - Romine Twp., Marion Co., IL.(Daggett, Halfacre, Michael(s), Myers, Turner)

Clay County, Illinois

Golden Cemetery, Harter Twp., Clay Co.,IL. (Anspach, Ferguson, Kurr, Bailey, Clark, Golden)

Clay County, Illinois - Search Free Resource Genealogy at ILGenWeb!

Branch/Farthing Cemetery
A.K.A. Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Centralia, Raccoon Township, Marion County, Illinois
Photos furnished by : Lois E. Branch
Surnames listed include Branch, Dilg, Farthing, Sands, Schanafelt, Tate, and Williams.
Other Illinois Cemeteries
Connie Sundberg provided all the pictures listed in this index.
Poplar Creek Cemetery, Wayne Co., Illinois (Jones & Williamson)
Hickory Hill Cemetery, Romine Twp., Marion Co, Illinois (Michael & Williamson)
Mt. Olive Cemetery, Webber Twp., Jefferson Co.,IL. Section 36. (Williamson)
Pleasant Hill/ White House Cemetery (Old Section) in Lawrence County, Illinois (Williamson & Elliot)
Field Cemetery, Marion County, Illinois (Michael, Jones, Gosney Jourdan)

Union Cemetery, Odell,Illinois
pictures curtesy of Rhonda Buie Weisschnur
includes Stonecipher - Waverly - Gernentz

Antioch Cemetery, Tamaroa, Illinois
picture of John Stowers tombstone provided by Kathy Hesketh.

Ohio Cemeteries

Gebhart or St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery - Miamisburg, Ohio (Anspach, Anspaugh, Ingham)
Hillgrove Cemetery - Miamisburg, Ohio (Anspaugh, Butt)
Zion Memorial Church Cemetery Pictures - Moraine City, Montgomery Co., OH. (Anspaugh, Hoch, Lohman, Miller, Shade)
St. Pauls Church & Cemetery Pictures - Ada, Ohio (Anspach, Swinehart, Hoy, Linn)

German Churches

Links to Other Cemetery Pictures
Robert Parkison's Cemetery Pictures
Click on Cemetery Picures on the Main Index at
Parkison Genealogy
Includes cemetery pictures from:
Decatur County : Union Baptist & Union Chapel
Shelby County : Middletown & Trackwell
Jasper County : Mound

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