Overstreet Genealogy

North Carolina and Tennessee

The following collection of information (consisting of written family records, family photographs,
public documents and other miscellaneous sources) is being published in an effort to
reach other descendants of this family -- thereby extending our collective knowledge.
It may not be copied or reproduced in any manner for monetary gain.

        The first knowledge I had of Calvin Overstreet was  when I was barely twenty one years old in 1963. My grandmother took my mother aside and told her she thought someone in the family should know that her Grandpa Calvin wasn't really an Overstreet. As she related it,  Calvin was really the son of a Jewish drummer but had been reared by Overstreets and assumed the surname. Whatever other  information she may have held, we never had the opportunity to learn because she died a week later.

        My mother and I researched the  mystery of Calvin, on and off, until her death in 1997. After that, I began to search the internet half-heartedly. I found bits and pieces but  had no one to share it with. (Hey, that's half the fun of genie).

        About a year and a half ago, I met the wife of one of my unknown cousins  in cyberspace. Her handle is "skunkmolly" and mine is "zookeeper." What a hoot and what a wonderful combination! I don't think I  would ever have had the courage to try my hand at this html thingie without her constant support and encouragement. I am honored to  dedicate this page to her and to all the other relatives who have helped me so much over the years but are now gone. This effort will always remain a work in progress as long as there are still those who are willing to build upon the foundation we've begun.

As a sidenote:

This page has already produced the sweet fruit of "new" cousins ... cousins who are joyfully casting in their "widow's mite."
It seems our combined mites are turning into quite a pot of gold. I think Calvin would be very proud to call us his own.

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William Calvin Overstreet


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