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Here is a brief beginning to our family history.  

Our Mewhirter line can be found to have many variations in records throughout the years - McWhirter, McWhorter, Mewhirter, Mewhorter, etc.

My family's line of descent is marked with a **.

William MCWHORTER was born about 1748.  William MAY have been the son of Robert McWhorter and Sarah Johnston of Besalem township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania or of the William McWhorter who resided in Paxton township in what is now Dauphin county, Pennsylvania - different sources assume one or the other.  This researcher has seen no proof of either.  His children and grandchildren adopted a variety of spellings of the McWhorter surname - Mawhorter, McWhirter, Mewhorter, Mewhirter, etc.  He was married first to Jane BOYD (daughter of John and Sarah BOYD) on March 24, 1768 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  Jane BOYD died in 1772.  William MCWHORTER and Jane BOYD had the following children

  1. Robert MCWHORTER was born September 4, 1769 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  He married Elizabeth TOLAND in 1788.  He died August 24, 1849 in Muskingum County, Ohio.  She died after 1850.  They had the following children:  James (Pat) MCWHORTER, Thomas MCWHORTER, William (Cooney) MCWHORTER, Boyd MCWHORTER, Nancy MCWHORTER, Robert MCWHORTER Jr and Elizabeth Ann MCWHORTER.

  2. Sarah MCWHORTER was born about 1771.  She is named in the will of her grandmother, Sarah BOYD.

  3. John MCWHORTER was born about 1772.  He married Hannah UNKNOWN in 1792 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Hannah was born in 1775.  John died about 1803 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Hannah married second William TOLAND about 1814.  John and Hannah had the following children:  William MCWHORTER, Elizabeth MCWHORTER, Thomas MCWHORTER and John MCWHORTER Jr.

William was married second to Jane BARR on June 14, 1774 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in St. James Church.  Jane BARR was born in 1756.  William and Jane resided in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in the late 1700's, then removed to Harrison County, Ohio.  William died on May 19, 1823 in Harrison County, Ohio.  Jane (Barr) McWhorter died on May 31, 1836.  William MCWHORTER and Jane BARR had the following children:

  1. William MCWHORTER was born about 1775 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  He married Mary Jane MCCHESNEY.  He died on June 6, 1849.  William and Mary Jane had the following children:  John MCWHORTER, George MCWHORTER, William MCWHORTER, James MCWHORTER, Elizabeth MCWHORTER, Martha MCWHORTER, and Mary MCWHORTER.
  2. Henry MCWHORTER was born about 1779 in PennsylvaniaHe married Margaret BURNS.  He died in June 6, 1849 in Marion County, Ohio.  She died May 2, 1835.
  3. Margaret MCWHORTER was born about 1783 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  She was married to James TOLAND in 1801 in Washington County, PennsylvaniaJames was born in 1782 in Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.  James died in 1862 and Margaret about 1825 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Margaret and James had the following children:  John TOLAND, Jacob TOLAND, Henry TOLAND, William TOLAND, Smith TOLAND, Aaron TOLAND, Cephas TOLAND, Thomas TOLAND, and Clark TOLAND.
  4. **James MEWHIRTER.  (see below)
  5. Susanna MCWHORTER was born about 1793.  She was married to William MCDOWELL on August 10, 1810.  Susanna and William had the following known children:  Barr MCDOWELL.
  6. John Barr MEWHIRTER was born in 1797 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Mary Ann REED (daughter of J Frederick REED and Mary Eve GROVES) on January 30, 1821 in Harrison County, Ohio.  Mary Ann REED was born on October 17, 1798 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  John Barr Mewhirter and James were brothers and their wives, Mary Ann and Lydia, were sisters.  John Barr Mewhirter died in 1826 in Harrison County, Ohio.  Mary Ann and her sons, with sister and brother-in-law James and Lydia (Reed) Mewhirter moved to Van Wert County, Ohio and she eventually moved to Iowa with some of her children.  Lydia died on 7 November 1885 in Griswold, Cass County, Iowa.  She was buried in Smith Cemetery, Griswold, Iowa.  John Barr MEWHIRTER and Mary Ann REED had the following children:  Frederick MEWHIRTER, James MEWHIRTER, and William MEWHIRTER. 

**James MEWHIRTER was born on April 10, 1791 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Lydia REED (daughter of J Frederick REED and Mary Eve GROVES) on June 18, 1818 in Harrison County, Ohio.  Lydia REED was born on September 27, 1794 in Pennsylvania.  His family appeared on the census in: 

  • 1820 in Green Township, Harrison County, Ohio (page 53)
  • 1830 in One Leg Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio (Page 44)
  • 1840 in Jennings Township, Van Wert County, Ohio
  • 1850 in Jennings Township, Van Wert County, Ohio (Household #688)
  • 1860 in Jennings Township, Van Wert County, Ohio (Household #821)

They moved to Van Wert County between 1830-1840 and moved to Iowa before 1869.  James died on December 31, 1869 in Iowa.  Lydia died on February 24, 1877 in Iowa.  Both were buried in West Union Cemetery, Thayer, Union County, Iowa.  James MEWHIRTER and Lydia REED had the following children:

  1. **Eva Ann MEWHIRTER (see below).

  2. Lavina MEWHIRTER was born about 1820.

  3. James MEWHIRTER was born April 21, 1824.

  4. William MEWHIRTER was born about 1826.

**Eva Ann MEWHIRTER was born on December 20, 1819 in Harrison County, Ohio.  She was married to Jacob DIBERT (son of John DIBERT and Catherine WALLICK) on May 21, 1837 in Goshen Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio by J.P. John Butt.  She died on March 12, 1897 in Van Wert County, Ohio.  Jacob died on October 5, 19898 in York Township, Van Wert County, Ohio.  Both were buried in Tomlinson (aka Wesley Chapel) Cemetery, Union Township, Mercer County, Ohio.  See the Dibert Family page for more on Jacob and Eva Ann and their descendants.

 This is only the first couple generations of our family tree.  For more information about the Mewhirter family, check out my WorldConnect database


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