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Here is a brief beginning to our family history.  

My family's line of descent is marked with a **.

Richard "William" PARR was born about 1719 probably in England or Ireland. He was married to Judith. Judith UNKNOWN was born about 1723. In 1772 Richard Parr was on a list of settlers living in Springhill Township, (now) Fayette County, Pennsylvania. His name is on the returns of property for Springhill Township, Bedford County, in 1773. On July 4, 1776, the settlers in the neighborhood drew lots in Uniontown, which was then being laid out. Richard Parr drew Lot Number 27, on Elbow (now Main) street. Judith died in October 1802 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. She was buried in Crooks Graveyard, Washington County, Pennsylvania. He died about 1785 in Fayette County, Pennsylania. Richard "William" PARR and Judith UNKNOWN had the following children:

  1. Judith PARR was born about 1740 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was married to Thomas CROOKS. Thomas CROOKS was born in 1742. He died on February 25, 1815. She died on April 30, 1823 at age 83. Judith PARR and Thomas CROOKS had one known child - Richard CROOKS
  2. Thomas PARR was born in 1744 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Judith CROOKS.   Judith CROOKS was born in 1744. 
  3. William PARR was born in 1746 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Sarah HENTHORN. He died in March 1774. Sarah married John QUINN after William's death.
  4. John PARR was born about 1748 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Jane McFadden MCCLELLAND (daughter of Colonel John MCCLELLAND and Martha DALE). Jane McFadden MCCLELLAND was born in 1748. In the 1790 US census John is living in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, as the head of a family composed of one free white male over 16, two free white males under 16, and two free white females. John and his family moved from Fayette County before 1813 and resided in Bowling Green Township, Licking County, the rest of their lives. John PARR and Jane McFadden MCCLELLAND had the following children: Richard PARR, Samuel PARR, John PARR, William PARR, and Thomas PARR. 
  5. **Samuel PARR. (see below)


Samuel PARR was born on February 28, 1758 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Sarah LEONARD about 1782 in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Sarah LEONARD was born on October 15, 1759 in Pennsylvania. Samuel is shown owning property in Fayette County over various years between 1785 and 1800.  In 1801 they came with their nine children to Licking County, Ohio, being the first white settlers in Newark Township.  They can be found on the census in:

  • 1790 in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

  • 1800 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

  • 1820, 1830, and 1840 in Licking Township, Licking County, Ohio

Sarah died on October 29, 1843 in Licking County, Ohio. Samuel died on July 5, 1844 in Van Buren Township, Shelby County, Ohio.  Both were buried in Baptist Cemetery, VanBurentown, Licking County, Ohio. Samuel PARR and Sarah LEONARD had the following children:

  1. **Richard PARR. (see below) 
  2. John PARR was born in 1786 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Rachel DEBOLT on February 3, 1815 in Licking County, Ohio. Rachel DEBOLT was born in 1786. They moved to Cedar County, Iowa. 
  3. Margaret PARR was born in 1786 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was married to Samuel ELLIOTT Jr (son of Samuel ELLIOTT Sr and Mary CAMPBELL) on May 1, 1803 in Licking or Fairfield County, Ohio. Samuel ELLIOTT Jr was born in 1780/81 in Pennsylvania. He served in the War of 1812. In the 1830's they moved to Shelby County, Ohio. Margaret PARR and Samuel ELLIOTT Jr had the following children: William A ELLIOTT, Richard C ELLIOTT, Amanda ELLIOTT, Nancy ELLIOTT, Elizabeth ELLIOTT, and Jemima ELLIOTT. 
  4. Catherine PARR was born about 1788 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  She was married to a Mr. LOVETT.
  5. Sarah PARR was born on September 8, 1792 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was married to Adam KITE on March 17, 1809 in Licking County, Ohio. Adam KITE was born in February 1781. She died on April 13, 1855. He died on April 22, 1868. They were buried in Baptist Cemetery, VanBurentown, Licking County, Ohio. 
  6. Hannah PARR was born in 1792 in Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was married to John MCINTURF on August 3, 1810 in Licking County, Ohio. John MCINTURF was born in 1792. They moved to Linn Co, Iowa. Hannah PARR and John MCINTURF had the following children: Sally MCINTURF and Stephen H MCINTURF
  7. Samuel PARR Jr. was born on January 2, 1793 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Amelia Ann ERNST on October 12, 1817 in Licking County, Ohio. Amelia Ann ERNST was born in 1794. Samuel died on March 25, 1845. Amelia died about 1855.  Samuel PARR Jr and Amelia Ann ERNST had one known child - Sarah PARR
  8. Leonard Samy PARR was born in 1796 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Candace COOLEY on February 12, 1818 in Licking County, Ohio. Candace was born about 1798.  She died in 1839.  Leonard died September 13, 1829 in Licking County, Ohio.
  9. William Smith PARR was born in 1800/1 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Elizabeth EDGELL (daughter of Daniel EDGELL and Susan WILSON) on 24 April 1828 in Licking County, Ohio. Elizabeth EDGELL was born in 1812 in Jacksontown, Licking County, Ohio. William died in 1850.  William Smith PARR and Elizabeth EDGELL had the following children: Sarah Ann PARR, Susan PARR, Nancy PARR, William Alvah PARR, Lisee PARR, John Wesley PARR, Martha PARR, and Rhoda PARR
  10. Elizabeth PARR.


Richard PARR was born about 1782 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was married first to Mary ELLIOT (daughter of Samuel ELLIOTT Sr and Mary CAMPBELL) on 1 May 1803 in Licking County, Ohio. Mary ELLIOT was born in 1782.  His name is on the list of seven inhabitants of Newark on March 18, 1803. Richard PARR and Mary ELLIOT had the following children:

  1. John PARR. 
  2. William PARR. 
  3. Hiram PARR was born on January 15, 1806. 
  4. Elliott PARR. 
  5. Samuel PARR was born on May 10, 1809.

Mary died on October 29, 1813 in Hartford Township, Licking County, Ohio. About 1814 Richard moved to Hartford Township, Licking County.  Richard was married second to Mary "Polly" MILLER (daughter of George MILLER and Sarah UNKNOWN) on January 5, 1817 in Licking County, Ohio, by John Cunningham, JP. Polly was born about 1793 and died between 1830 and 1840.  Richard died after 1842.  Richard's family appeared on the census in Hartford Township, Licking County, Ohio in 1820, 1830, and 1840. Richard PARR and Mary "Polly" MILLER had the following children: 

  1. Candace PARR was born about 1822 in Licking County, Ohio. She was married to George SWIM about 1838 in Licking County, Ohio. George was born about 1818 in Ohio. The last few years of her life, they lived in Forsyth, Macon County, Illinois, where she died and was buried. George returned to Botkins, Shelby County, Ohio and lived there with his son, Deamus. There he died and was buried in Loramie Cemetery. Candace PARR and George SWIM had the following children: Deamus J SWIM, Henry SWIM, Harvey SWIM, Lucinda SWIM, Elizabeth SWIM, Lovina SWIM, Tamson SWIM, and Emma SWIM
  2. Rhoda PARR was married first to William VANCE. Rhoda PARR and William VANCE had one known child - Meric VANCE. She was married second to James W HESSER (son of Jonathan Hesser and Cassenia Bierse) as his third wife. James W HESSER was born on March 9, 1819 in Columbiana County, Ohio. Rhoda died in Dunkirk, Hardin County, Ohio. 
  3. John PARR. 
  4. Sarah PARR was married to Isaac SAUM. They moved to Tennessee after the Civil War. Isaac cut his knee with an axe after moving to Tennessee.  The knee remained much bent and he used crutches all the rest of his life. Sarah PARR and Isaac SAUM had the following children: Mary SAUM, Lida SAUM, Margaret SAUM, Reuben SAUM, and Georgia SAUM. 
  5. Ruth PARR. 
  6. **Margaret PARR. (see below) 
  7. Mary PARR was married to Raphael PAYNE. They lived in Mt Vernon, Ohio.

Margaret PARR was born on July 7, 1824 in Licking County, Ohio. She was married to Morgan R LEWIS (son of Morgan L LEWIS and Martha REESE) on August 11, 1839 in Licking County, Ohio. Margaret died of congestion of the lungs on January 4, 1911 in Van Wert County, Ohio and was buried in Kings (aka Middle Point) Cemetery.  For more, see the Lewis Family home page.

This is only the first couple generations of our family tree.  For more information about the Parr family, check out my WorldConnect database


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