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Hoping to find all the answers to our genealogy questions. We would really like to know Phebe Crosley's maiden name. We think it could be Marsh. Phebe & William Crosley, along with their son-in-law, Abner Stites, died on the same day in 1834 and all three are buried in the Ft. Ancient Cemetery in Warren County, Ohio.

Here is the tool I use for placing the Crosley Families together. It consists of about 250 pages of collected information on the location of Crosley Family Members. They are listed by location. Master File Please visit these pages as they are very useful. Visit my Crosley web site at: http://www.angelfire.com/my/crosleyconnect/

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http://www.WestfieldNJhistory.com/ For more information on the Richard Clark family of Rahway, New Jersey, maintained by David Kane.

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