Adams, Jensen, Cory, Halin, Hallin, Sundelin, Johnson and Carlson Families

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A family record is more than names, dates and places, it is about people - what they did, the why and the how. All of us know something about our living relatives. We enjoy telling stories about their achievements and exploits, and we certainly have a fondness for the endearing characters which are in most families. Yet our knowledge of our families often does not go beyound these members we actually know. Our goal is to get to know all our family members.

This site is dedicated to our family past, present and future. It is also dedicated to my mother Kathrine Ann Jensen who died way to soon and my grandmother Jenny Christina Halin Jensen who died before we found her lost family in Canada.

As a note of interest. If you are writing Scandinavian names, you can use the <alt> key with the numbers on your keypad to type the vowels. Hold the <alt> key while typing these numbers, will get the following results.
Å = 143
ä = 132
ö = 148

å = 134
ë = 137
Ü = 154
Ä = 142
Ö = 153
ü = 129


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