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        I am creating this web page to help our family learn about our rich heritage that we have lost most connections to. I will be updating this site as I learn how all of this works and as you send and share information with me. 

           I also want everyone to know I will never list living relatives on the site, it is for your protection and privacy that I will do this. I plan on letting you know as much about your history as I can on this site, I also plan on publishing a book so I will include links to forms that I will need all family members to fill out. I will include links to various organizations that I have joined and suggest you look into if you want to become closer to your roots.  

I have a link to the 1865 Norwegian census it shows Peder and his third wife, it does not show any children because our ancestors immigrated in 1862. This is just an example of some of the language and forms that I have to use to do the research, and no most of it is NOT on the web, it is however neat to look at.                               



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