I would like to share another story with you all.  I am not the author. They are in my own words from my recollection of them.

                                                                                Your Friend, Elie

When a child is born he is made human by our people.  The parents must put the moccasins of our people on the child's feet.  The moccasins must have holes in the bottom of them.  We the Abenaki believe that the child is not fully in this world yet.  He has a doorway in the top of his head.  Through this soft spot, the Great Spirit whispers to the child.  That is why we see him smile when he sleeps.  While the child is sleeping, he goes back to the spirit world where he came from, and sees great beauty.  When a child comes into this world he cries because he is afraid.  It is all strange to him.

We the Abenaki cut holes in the bottom of the child's moccasins so that when the child sleeps he is free to come and go between this and the spirit world.

We have forgotten that beautiful place.

Sometimes a child does not want to come back to us.  And so, to make a child human, we must show him the great beauty of our world.  So here he will decide to stay.

That is why our grandmothers will say to our little ones.  "Welcome to our world.  We have been here a long time.  There are many secrets for you being whispered in the breezes that come from our mountains.  The wind will carry songs for you.  The water will provide peace for you.  The land will be your strength, and you will see beauty in all things.  You are wanted.

You are an ancestor to the generations not yet born.  We now call you human." 

Welcome To Our World