Fishing was not only a form of subsistence, it was a way of life for the Abenaki people. They fished the bay areas, lakes, rivers, and streams in accordance with the signs and balance of nature. The lightning bugs alerted our fishermen that the salmon were beginning their annual run upstream. The annual birth of certain insects told us what fish would be available for gathering. Other signs, such as the speed of the currents and the depth of the water, within the seasons of the year, also gave our fishermen an insight as to how good the fishing would be for the season.

Our fishermen had established fishing grounds that they and their families would migrate to during the year. These grounds were shared by other tribes of the W˛banaki Nation. Fishing camps also served our people as a means of socialization, intermarriage, and competition.

The act of fishing is, and was, done with great reverence. Our teaching tells us of a time when there were no waterways on this land. The Creator gave birth to the waterways. It was a sign of great medicine. It is told that some of our ancestors were so elated that they jumped into the currents and their spirits were transformed into fish. To this day many W˛banaki families claim various fish as their ancestral family. Many W˛banaki documents were signed with the sign of the Sturgeon, Salmon, Trout, and Eel.

The Abenaki people used various fishing techniques, such as fishing with a hook and line, spearing, netting, trapping, damming, jigging, and poisoning with Pokeberries and Indian Turnip roots - especially during August - if there was low water.


Please Note the following:

fish anal fin = namas kwelbi kaskilji (one fin)

fish anal fins = namas kwelbi kaskiljial (more than one fin)

fish's anal fin = namasi kwelbi kaskilji (the anal fin belonging to the fish)

fish's anal fins = namasi kwelbi kaskiljial (the anal fins belonging to the fish)

To pluralize the word fish (more than one fish) would be as follows:

fishes anal fin = namasak kwelbi kaskilji (more than one fish with one anal fin)

fishes anal fins = namasak kwelbi kaskiljial (more than one fish with more than one anal fin)

Fish Anal Fin
Namas Kwelbi Kaskilji
Namas Kwelbi Kaskiljial
Fish's Anal Fin
Namasi Kwelbi Kaskilji
Namasi Kwelbi Kaskiljial
Fish Blowing Hole
Namas Padowasin
Namas Padowasinal
Fish's Blowing Hole
Namasi Padowasin
Namasi Padowasinal
Fish Bone
Namas Mskan
Namas Mskanal
Fish's Bone
Namasi Wskan
Namasi Wskanal
Fish Brain
Namas Mlidb˘n
Namas Mlidb˘nal
Fish's Brain
Namasi Wlidb˘n
Namasi Wlidb˘nal
Fish Caudal Fin
Namas Mzogna Kaskilji
Namas Mzogna Kaskiljial
Fish's Caudal Fin
Namasi Wzogna Kaskilji
Namasi Wzogna Kaskiljial
Fish Cheek
Namas Wanowa
Namas Wanowal
Fish's Cheek
Namasi Wanowa
Namasi Wanowal
Fish Dorsal Fin
Namas Pskwan Kaskilji
Namas Pskwan Kaskiljial
Fish's Dorsal Fin
Namasi Pskwan Kaskilji
Namasi Pskwan Kaskiljial
Fish Egg
Namas W˘wan
Namas W˘wanal
Fish's Egg
Namasi W˘wan
Namasi W˘wanal
Fish Egg Out Burst
Namas Kloskamagw˘n
Namas Kloskamagw˘nal
Fish's Egg Out Burst
Namasi Kloskamagw˘n
Namasi Kloskamagw˘nal
Fish Eye
Namas Msizukw
Namas Msizukol
Fish's Eye
Namasi Wsizukw
Namasi Wsizukol
Fish Fin
Namas Kaskilji
Namas Kaskiljial
Fish's Fin
Namasi Kaskilji
Namasi Kaskiljial
Fish Gill
Namas Mpan
Namas Mpanal
Fish's Gill
Namasi Wpan
Namasi Wpanal
Fish Gill Cover
Namas Agwanosa Mpan
Namas Agwanosa Mpanal
Fish's Gill Cover
Namasi Agwanosa Wpan
Namasi Agwanosa Wpanal
Fish Gullet
Namas Kwed˘gan
Namas Kwed˘ganal
Fish's Gullet
Namasi Kwed˘gan
Namasi Kwed˘ganal
Fish Gut
Namas Mlagzi
Namas Mlagzial
Fish's Gut
Namasi Wlagzi
Namasi Wlagzial
Fish Head
Namas Mdeb
Namas Mdebal
Fish's Head
Namasi Wdeb
Namasi Wdebal
Fish Heart
Namas Mlaw˘gan
Namas Mlaw˘ganal
Fish's Heart
Namasi Wlaw˘gan
Namasi Wlaw˘ganal
Fish Liver
Namas Mskwen
Namas Mskwenal
Fish's Liver
Namasi Wskwen
Namasi Wskwenal
Fish Mouth
Namas Mdon
Namas Mdonal
Fish's Mouth
Namasi Wdon
Namasi Wdonal
Fish Nostril
Namas Ml˘dhigan
Namas Ml˘dhiganal
Fish's Nostril
Namasi Wl˘dhigan
Namasi Wl˘dhiganal
Fish Pectoral Fin
Namas Mdolka Kaskilji
Namas Mdolka Kaskiljial
Fish's Pectoral Fin
Namasi Wdolka Kaskilji
Namasi Wdolka Kaskiljial
Fish Pelvic Fin
Namas Mzabi Kaskilji
Namas Mzabi Kaskiljial
Fish's Pelvic Fin
Namasi Wzabi Kaskilji
Namasi Wzabi Kaskiljial
Fish Scale
Namas Plagadagen
Namas Plagadagenol
Fish's Scale
Namasi Plagadagen
Namasi Plagadagenol
Fish Skeleton
Namas Chibai Mskan
Namas Chibai Mskanal
Fish's Skeleton
Namasi Chibai Wskan
Namasi Chibai Wskanal
Fish Skin
Namas Madagen
Namas Madagenol
Fish's Skin
Namasi Madagen
Namasi Madagenol
Fish Skull
Namas Chibai Mdeb
Namas Chibai Mdebal
Fish's Skull
Namasi Chibai Wdeb
Namasi Chibai Wdebal
Fish Soft Dorsal Fin
Namas Pskwan Nokikaskilji
Namas Pskwan Nokikaskiljial
Fish's Soft Dorsal Fin
Namasi Pskwan Nokikaskilji
Namasi Pskwan Nokikaskiljial
Fish Spin Fin
Namas M˘igan Kaskilji
Namas M˘igan Kaskiljial
Fish's Spin Fin
Namasi W˘igan Kaskilji
Namasi W˘igan Kaskiljial
Fish Tongue
Namas Wilalo
Namas Wilaloal
Fish's Tongue
Namasi Wilalo
Namasi Wilaloal
Fish Tooth
Namas Wibid
Namas Wibidal
Fish's Tooth
Namasi Wibid
Namasi Wibidal
Fish Whisker
Namas Witwa
Namas Witwal
Fish's Whisker
Namasi Witwa
Namasi Witwal

NOTE: KASKILJI means (a wide open hand)

I have not included the Abenaki singular/plural locatives because they are shown in the section for the Human Body Parts.

However, the Abenaki Locative for the word KASKILJI is KASKILJIK and the plural is KASKILJIIKOK

Respectfully, Elie Joubert

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