"The Abenaki Language"

Let us talk about summer...

ďdokazida pabachi niben.

There are four distinct weather changes in one year.

There are four seasons in a year.

Adoji iaw kinawiwi pilowakisgajik negwidjigadenwaiwi.

niben    summer, it is summer

nibek    when it is summer

alinibenek    the way summer is

alwawigen niben    it is almost summer

nibena    last summer

nialinibena    a year ago last summer

nibega    next summer

nakwaltak nibenek    it is next summer

pamnibenek    this summer

nibeniwitta    this very summer

asma nibenek    before summer

asma pamnibenek    before this summer

kizi nibenek    after summer

kizi pamnibenek    after this summer

nibeniwi    in the summer

paminibenek    during summer

n˘nibegi    every summer

wakasiniben    a few summers

kasiniben    many summers

kasinibenwaiwi    for many summers

nibegihlan    summer is coming

m˘janibeniwi    at the beginning of summer

m˘jaiwigen niben    it is the beginning of summer

m˘jaiwigen nibeniwi    it is in the beginning of summer

nosokak nibenek    it is the following summer

wanaskiwigen niben    it is at the end of summer

wanaskiwi niben    at the end of summer

matanaskiwigen niben    it is the end of summer

machiwi niben    the end of summer

mziwiniben    all summer

mziwigen niben    it is all summer

naoji niben    some of the summer

niben tagwagwiwi    summer is finished

The whole tape about summer...be patient!

Nan˘niben    the middle of summer

nan˘nibeniwi    in the middle of summer

zibkiwi niben    late summer

zibkiwi nibeniwi    in late summer

wskiniben    early summer

wskinibeniwi    in early summer

nibenhla    summer comes

nibenasin    summer arrives

n˘winiben    midsummer

n˘winibeniwi    in midsummer

nan˘wigen niben    it is the middle of summer

zibkiwigen niben    it is late summer

wskiwigen niben    it is an early summer

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