Someone had asked Elie some questions via email. Elie's reply showed how the Language shaped his thoughts on the subject. I asked his permission to adapt them to this page, because I felt it was important to show the relationship between the Language and Thought.

Respectfully, Steps In It - Webmaster.

My personal beliefs - the things my language teaches me.

Respectfully, Elie Joubert

A spiritual home is a place in absence of bodily or worldly existence. We have negative and positive forces working on this land. (AKI).

Because of these forces, one may be welcomed in some circles, and not be welcomed in others.

My spiritual home is the above land. (SPEMKI). Today, I know I will be welcomed there. The word Past, is irrelevant to me. What is important to me is what I am doing today. Is it negative? Is it positive?

There are two spirits in each and everyone of us. It is known as balance/harmony. (WLIDBIWI ) WLIDB‘BATA) .

It is the balance/harmony on this land that allows us to be grounded in all of our tasks and functions that are considered acceptable by all living things on this land.

On this land we have two spirits. In the above land we have one spirit. It is called (KCHI NIWASKW) .

When I count in my language: Pazekw = one living thing alone.

Niswak = two living things alone, Niwaskw = the combination of two living things. Kichi Niwaskw = The Great Combination of Two Living Things = The Great Spirit.

This does not describe our personal sexual preferences. Sexuality is the relationship of the sexes on this land. There is no sexuality in the above land.

I learned a long time ago, to not try to change things. I have also learned that "The teacher will appear when the pupil is ready."

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