The Abenaki Language


Compassion = Kedm˘gida˘mwaw˘gan

the act of expressing mercy to others

Understanding = Wawidah˘mwaw˘gan

the act of expressing comprehension to others

Unconditional Love = Kzalm˘mek ˘nda tebakweniganal

to love someone without boundaries

Respect = Kwsilawakamigzow˘gan

the act of expressing respect to others

Honesty = Z˘baskid˘baw˘gan

the act of being a true man

Humility = Piwihozw˘gan

the act of making self small

Community = M˘wkaw˘gan

the act of working together as a common group

Fairness = Nt˘wnamenaw˘gan

the act of judging others well

Forgiveness = Anhaldamaw˘gan

the act of pardoning/absolving others

Faith = Wl˘mawaldamw˘gan

the act of believing in something

Hope = Nkawatzow˘gan

the act of wishing for something

Charity = Keza˘zow˘gan

the act of buying for another

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