"The Abenaki Language"

The correct words in the Abenaki Language, concerning the pipe.

Abazip˘gan = wooden pipe

Odam˘mek = to smoke (a verb)

Odam˘w˘gan = the act of smoking

Odamap˘gan = He/she smokes the pipe

Odam˘d = the smoker

Odam˘dp˘gan = the pipe smoker

Odam˘ganis = smoking something small

Odam˘p˘ganis = refers to a small clay pipe

P˘gan = pipe (for smoking - not water pipe)

Senip˘gan = stone pipe

Odam˘ganakwam = refers to the hole passing through a wooden pipestem

Odam˘ilin˘gan = a stem for smoking

Odam˘ilip˘gan = pipestem

Ol˘ganisip˘gan - the pipe bowl

Odam˘ganisen - stone for smoking

Odam˘p˘ganisen = pipestone

Odam˘ganapskok - smoking at the rocks

(refers to smoking at the rapids above Odanak)

Odam˘p˘ganapskok = smoking the pipe at the rocks

(refers to smoking the pipe at the rapids above Odanak)

Odam˘p˘ganapskw = pipe rock

Wawasip˘gan = holy pipe

Wawasiol˘ganisip˘gan = holy pipe bowl

Wawasiodam˘ilip˘gan = the holy pipe stem

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