Aber Family Index

Welcome to my Aber family genealogy page.

The branches of my family tree are many, I've been researching my family
tree for about 10 years. I start, I stop, I hit a wall, I jump to another branch,
I lose my data and then I start over. My husband says that I am obsessed,
my children say it is an addiction, I say whatever it is I love it! I love looking
for long lost relatives, in cemeteries(my favorite), courthouses, in libraries, or
on the net. I am creating this site in part to store my data and also perhaps
to help some other researcher. I hope you enjoy it and
visit again, as I will add more information as time permits. If you have
information you feel should be added and are willing to share please email me.

This site is dedicated to my maternal Grandmother

Nellie Mae Aber Miles.

1900 - 1983

My work is to ensure that she and her family will not be forgotten,
but live on in our hearts and memories. I kick myself for all the times
she wanted to tell me about her family. I didn't want to listen
to her talk about a bunch of dead people, that I never met.
Now I find myself scouring the internet, cemeteries etc..
Looking for documents that are only going to tell me facts
nothing about their lives, their passions, their pains, failures or successes.

Thank you to all who have helped me fill in the blanks over the years,
and to all that add to the data in the future. I have searched for the
truth but some times that is almost impossible, so we
tend to fill in the blanks with reasonable possibilities.

The information on this site is from my personal research, as well as
that of others who have posted their findings. As with all research and
history, there are two sides to every story, and sometimes
the two do not agree. Use the data on this site as a guide only.


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