Land Patents in Old Choctaw Territory



Land Patents in the

Old Choctaw Territory


Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, 1830

The U.S. Government signed a number of treaties with the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians to acquire the land that makes up much of the today’s State of Mississippi. The last of these, “The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek”, was signed in 1830 and counties formed from this treaty include Jasper County. (DRG Society Newsletter, 2000).


Jasper County, Mississippi, 1833

Organized in 1833, Jasper County was made up from the territory north of the old Mount Dexter Treaty line, acquired from the Choctaw Nation. Garlandville, located just above Moss Hill and Montrose, was the home of the Six Town Tribe of the Choctaw Nation (Hometown Mississippi, James Brieger, 1997).

In this county two of the states oldest “Roads” crossed, the Old Jackson Military Highway from New Orleans (Madisonville) to Nashville, and a northern branch of the Federal Road from Savannah, Georgia, by way of St. Stephens, Alabama, to Natchez, known locally as the Three Chopped Way and/or Six Town Road (American Migration Routes 1735-1815 by W. Dollarhide, 1992).