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Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
237?No DataNo DataMay Sleeps - childs grave
342?No DataNo DataBroken Stone, nothing on it
Number of Plots:2
235Catherine(4 Feb 1790)4 Aug 1815wife of Jesse Abrahams25.6.0
236Jesse(1 Mar 1788)25 July 183749.4.24
610Mariam C.19 Aug 18657 May 1887Footstome M.C.A.
610Mary Ann26 Oct 180914 Oct 1865Footstone M.A.A
610Mitchel R.24 Oct 186727 Oct 1869Footstome M.R.A.
610Rev Smith2 dec 181517 Oct 1886Footstone S.A.
610Smith A.9 June 18708 Mar 1889Footstome A.A.A
610Susan M.12 Sept 182812 Mar 1911Footstome S.M.A.
Number of Plots:8
1208Alexander(16 Aug 1817)5 Aug 1892"Father"75.11.20
1340Alice A.19 Feb 185110 May 1934wife of Henry B. Abrams
418Alice Amelia(1833)12 Jan 1842dau of Zachariah & Amelia Abrams9.0.0
414Amelia15 Aug 180316 Aug 1860wife of Zacharaiah Abrams
1400Amelia15 Oct 185420 June 1935wife of Daniel Abrams / Mother
52Amelia Ann(12 Sept 1818)7 Aug 1885wife of Joseph Abrams66.11.26
608Angeline(6 June 1820)19 Dec 1856wife of Hollet abrams66.6.13
679Ann(20 Feb 1811)15 Feb 1888wife of Jerome Abrams76.11.26
763Anna M18841889Footstone A.M.A.
1445Archie E.(21 Apr 1888)21 Oct 1888son of Elmer E. & Ella Abrams / Beloved Son3.6.0
1588Arender1874no data
913Armenia13 Apr 18487 Dec 1924wife of Langdon S. Abrams76
1238Arnetno datano databrother of Smith Abrams/no marker/family lore
1151Arthusia2 May 18503 May 1910wife of Riley Abrams60.0.1
1633Augustus27 Sept 184623 Mar 1926Father
1239Benjaminno datano datason of Smith & Debra /no marker /family lore
1588Bertha18781942wife of Arender Abrams
51C. J.No DataNo DataA slab of Bakelite incribed C.J.A.(Abrams)?
624Capt. John(24 Aug 1795)14 Sept 185562.0.21
617Cariel(7 Sept 1874)21 Nov 18806.2.13
1346Caroline(21 July 1846)5 Aug 1879wife of Clayton C. Abrams33.0.15
43Catherine(1800)18 Feb 1857wife of Daniel Abrams57
591Catherine(24 Feb 1788)15 Jan 1857wife of Richard Abrams68.10.22
628Charity(1797)22 Jan 1862wife of Edward Abrams65
1316Charles(1830)12 May 190474
1127Charles A.18541937
1492Charles A.18421862son of J & M/buried Ft.Pulaskie, Ga-CoF48NYSV
1539Charles H.18881924Husband
695Charles R.18481885Footstone "Father"
249Charles W.(28 Mar 1795)22 Oct 1883Father76.6.24
1486Chester A.6 Mar 1881no dateHusband
447Clarkson(29 Feb 1815)11 Aug 1851son of Whitehaed & Sarah Abrams36.5.15
1345Clayton C.(30 June 1849)13 Apr 188030.9.14
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