By Group Name
Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
901Mary J.18381905Mother
Number of Plots:17
380Sarah J.(1850)17 Apr 188858
Number of Plots:1
C datano datafootstone only: P.M.C.
Number of Plots:1
1169Shirley A.26 Feb 192920 Apr 1929"Our Baby"
Number of Plots:1
1680George J.18681933
1680Gertrude J.18781948
Number of Plots:2
1528A. Wallace18681914also see plot 1530
1530A. Wallace18681914also see plot 1528
201Abby Ann(1841)7 Feb 1897wife of Smith Carman56
505Abigail(18 Aug 1795)22 Mar 1875wife of John B. Carman Footstone A.C.81.7.4
1749Alceniano datano data
1039Arthur V.12 Dec 188213 Dec 1891son of Mervin R. & Nettie Carman
753Benjamin G.18191892
1324Capt. datano data
759Elisha26 Nov 18517 Nov 1865
270Elizabeth(1787)29 Dec 1871wife of Samuel Carman84
275Emeline(17 Feb 1820)9 May 189373.7.15
787EzraNo Data24 Dec 1909
1477Florence A.(14 Nov 1889)3 July 1890daughter of Walter E. & Hannah J. Carmen0.7.19
80Hannah(24 Mar 1796)5 Feb 1870wife of Samuel Carman73.10.12
1478Hannah J.18631940wife of Walter E. Carman
1528Harold W.18971898Harold
787Harriet14 Dec 18314 Feb 1901wife of Esza Carman
1528Herbert L.18911908Herbert
272Jacob(2 Dec 1824)19 May 185835.5.17
1302Jane(18 Feb 1800)26 Apr 1880wife of Thomas Carman / footstone: J.C.80.2.8
273John(1786)29 Nov 185569
504John B.(21 Sept 1789)11 Mar 1879footstone J.B.C.89.5.10
506John B.(5 Dec 1830)26 Sept 1852son of John B. & Abigail Carman Footstone JBC21..9.21
1054Joseph(1791)27 Sept 1869footstone: 79th yr
1528Joseph S.24 Mar 183416 Aug 1906Father
1053Mariam(1796)19 May 1876wife of Joseph Carman / footstone: 81st yr
1662Mary S.18801933
1040Maude A.(4 Feb 1887)23 Nov 1888daughter of Melvin R. & Nettie Carman1.9.19
1042Melvin R.(16 May 1850)5 Nov 189343.5.20
137Pearsall23 Feb No Data1 Mar 181?Son of Thomas Carman12.0.8
1303Phebe(27 Nov 1834)2 Sept 1883footstone: P.C.49.9.6
753Phebe E.18221906wife of Benjamin G. Carman
1529Phoebe18711924wife of A. Wallace Carman /also see plot 1528
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